T-Coil Options in Genie for Oticon Agil Pro

I have a pair of Agil Pros and have been very impressed. One thing I want to do is use the Telecoil features for phone and loop systems. My audiologist (also a friend and neighbor) thought he had it set up properly with the help of Oticon but it didn’t work.

Recently I watched him setting the options in Genie. For the Telecoil programming there were four options:

Telecoil (ALD)
Phone (T)
Phone (M)

The first option (Telecoil ALD) did not work on t-coil phones. I’m not sure about loop systems because I didn’t have one (or find one) to try. The audiologist just changed the program to the third option (Phone T) - again at the suggestion of Oticon support.

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish:

  • Manually set T-Coil program (I don’t want auto phone or similar)
  • The ability to use a T-Coil capable phone (cell, office, home)
  • The ability to use loop systems (theaters, museum, etc.)

Is it possible to be able to use t-coil phones AND t-coil loop systems? o I have to choose one or the other? Which option(s) should be selected in Genie for maximum benefit?


Chuck…I have the Agil Pros and love them as well…had them now for 4 months;
I’m assuming that you do not have the mini-RITE version as they DO NOT have
t-coil…I really do not understand why your audi is struggling with this; I
watched my audi do the programming and it is very straight forward

1)Yes you can manually set the T-coil program by simply long pressing the
rocker on either aid (for about two seconds that is); i sometimes use this
to mute my wife…she hates me when I do this!

2)My cell phone (M4 capable) works beautifully with my toil; I have not been
able to use a cell phone w/o a blue-tooth ear bud for 10 years prior to this;
this technology is simply life changing if you use a phone a lot…
I have the auto-tcoil mode set up for my right ear…reconsider this one…you’ll
love it not having to manually go to toil if the phone rings

3)Have not found a theater yet to try out the toil in

Your last question hopefully has been addressed;toil loop systems and your phone use the
same circuitry in your aid; i suppose you could use your phone in a theater but
I wouldn’t advise it…

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t have the mini-rites and these aids do have t-coil.

I have the fourth program set for t-coil. The audiologist set it to Phone (T) and the program only affects the right ear. Maybe I’m not understanding how t-coil is supposed to work. I thought if you had t-coil active the sound from the phone would go to both aids. As near as I can tell the program is doing nothing but amplifying the right ear. Is that all it’s supposed to do?

I currently use bluetooth for my cell phone with one of Oticon’s Streamers and that seems to work pretty well. I’d like to take advantage of the t-coil in the landline phones I use as well.

I’ll find a theater I can try them in as soon as I know they’re working as expected.


I have Oticon Agil Pro. I have T-Coil in them. I have them both set for manual. My aids also have a wireless connection. But the wireless connection only works for the volume of both aids or directional or sound compression, but not for the T-coil. I did not want that. I wanted one hearing aid to remain “on” (normal mode) when I put the other on T-coil. And that was why I insisted on it being manual. After fifty years of manually setting my aids for the T-coil when the phone rings, it is not a big deal.

Basically, yes. When using the t-coil one side is active, the other side dampens ambient sound. That’s the way Oticon does it.

That is simply the default setting. It can be changed. I had it changed. I did not want the opposite aid to do that because it also dampened the sound of my own voice – which meant I would find myself speaking louder than I needed to – because I wanted to hear MYSELF! My aids wireless is set up to work only when NOT using the T-Coil. My T-Coil is manual. I tend to use my right ear for the phone, but occasionally will switch. When I switch my right aid to T-Coil, ONLY the right aid goes into T-Coil mode and the left ear remains operating in Normal mode with no dampening of ambient or other sounds.

Yes, it can be changed as you described. Unfortunately there is no option to go to both ears unless you are using the Streamer. My audi tried to “fool” the aids but to no avail.