T-coil neck loops and pacemaker conflicts


I looking to get new HA’s. I am considering HA’s with T-coils as most of the cell and TV systems sold for a given HA seem expensive. I found a disclaimer by a bluetooth to t-coil manufacturer stating that their neck should not be used with a pacemaker.

My question is what are the chances of a t-cell/pacemaker conflict?


Probably not that high, but do you really want to risk it? I’d consider a system without a chest-worn pendant if it was me. Telecoils don’t reproduce sound that well when compared with modern wireless systems.

Thank you Um bongo.

I have to say that this the best forum around.


Upon thinking on this, it seems that any neck loop dongel would be out, Phonak ComPilot for example.
Are there any Bluetooth/FM belt or pocket transmitters that are compatable with the Phonak system?


Both my pacemaker manufacturer and my hearing aid manufacturer warned against using a neck loop with the pacemaker. I thought the manufacturers were probably being ultraconservative, possibly at the request of their legal departments. However, after pondering for several days I decided to err on the side of caution and use other means than a neck loop for TV viewing. So, I have to agree with Um bongo. Why take the chance, however slight it might be, when there are other ways to solve the problem? Talk to your audiologist about the problem. You may have to buy hearing aids with optional features, but the solutions are out there. Vic

If you look at the Resound or Widex systems, you can do all the same things but dispense with the neck loop.

Thank you vlvakc and Um bongo for help. I’ll check out resound and widex.


One of my relative uses Widex and he is quite satisfied with the performance.