My audi is recommending the Syncro HA for me. This is based on my hearing loss and for future power he said. Can someone tell me if this is a good choice or is there something that is much better than this?

Hopefully, someone wearing a Syncro will let me know what they think of their device.


I have a loaner Syncro in my one ear while my old DigiFocus is repaired.
I believe this may be a Syncro I …has an 04 on it; perhaps 2004? This
is the second time I was loaned a Syncro while getting my now old DigiFocus
aids repaired (now 7 years old).

When my dispenser gives me a loaner like this he does a quick fit/program to my hearing curve and some minor adjustments. It is not the best adjustment.
That said after a week of wearing it I seem to have adjusted. My
comments; (note aids are BTE with molds).

I don’t care for the power on/boot up beeps anymore…they were neat at first.

My quick fit included just 2 programs for the button, on and telephone. I believe I could have had a third program …noise reduction. Telephone
works great. Push button makes it easy to swith programs

The aid seems to adjust automatically to noise… The sound of my garage
door and opener seems to invoke it to cutout almost everything. It quickly comes back on after this… Again this was a quick initial fit.

Hearing in a crowded cafeteria is better. I can tell because I have my other
Digifocus in the other ear…where as it seems to amplify all of the cafeteria noise, I can tell the Syncro has adjusted and compensated.

Some levels are a bit too loud…again this was a quick loaner fit. It has a
volume control so I can always turn it up or down (making it a good loaner
model). I’m confident a more lengthy adjustment and real ear test would
make have the Syncro well adjusted for myself.

To answer your question…yes I would be perfectionly happy with 2 of them…
not a bad unit. You could do worst I think.

My Oticon DigiFocuses have been quite durable lasting this long. Sadly
Oticon does not repair them anymore…rather Starkey does. My dispenser
speaks highly of the Starkey Destiny claiming successful fittings do,
in part to a built in real ear measurement test built into the aid itself.
I’ll definitely going to check out Starkey when choosing a new aid. I’ve been
so successful and complacent hearing with my old Oticons its hard to let go…
I know I eventually need to find the money for new ones…though.

i might be able to give you a bit more of advice…
Syncro was the previous top of the line instrument, which has been replace by the Epoq. However, I must say that since currently- epoq does not have a power version. Syncro is still the premium solution for the severe hearing losses.
It has been my experience that most of my clients when given the chance
they prefer the tego pro which is a cheaper version of the sincro- so it might be worth asking to try one (i would certainly do)…
As far as the digifocus it was oticon first hearing aid… so it is kind of old 2 chanel 7 band instrument!

Reagding starkey built in real ear measurement built in. this is not something new, widex had something like this a while ago,it didnt really work out i think…


Thank you RM and xbulder for you replies. I am not sure I have severe hearing loss but to me, severe is almost deaf. My audi is saying moderate to severe though. I think he has recommended the Syncro for the future. Just in case it gets worse, I have something with power that can adjust to my hearing. I am gathering from information on this web site that most hearing aids last 5-7 years. Is this true?

That is a though question,
i have seen 380P which have been running more than 10 yrs now.
But i would say 4-5 years could be an average time, Epoq es based on the new arquiteture call Rise which is the new chipset. I dont foresee that they would come up with a new high end instrument in the next 3 years at least…
At which time it is a good idea to change to something better, I have alot of customers who change heaaring aids somewhere between 3 to 4 years (perhaps 1/4-1/2 of my sales)…
As an advice, wait till october 14 when the UHA (germany congress) and most companies will introduce new products… maybe an epoq power will come although I doubt it…


Yes, my DigiFocus Aids are considered quite old now …circa 1999,2000. They’ve lasted an extremely long time compared to my old analog aids from
when I was a kid…4-5 years max. By lasting I mean they still sound great
to me…my analogs all deteriorated to sounding terrible.

My recent problem is due to static from moisture. My dispenser says it
probably the mike…I had the problem before and drying it out solved it …sounded good as ever. I have not noticed the sound deteriorating like
with my analogs. It can probably be fixed and last many more years.
Whether anyone has parts for it as time goes on is debatable. Quickest
way to get my hearing back now but I need to start saving up for new
ones…I’ve gotten many good years from these aids and would consider
Oticon again.

I have been dispensing hearing aids for a while and I have notice that over the years, the old hearing aids lasted longer. I am not sure if the industry make hearing aids reliable for x# years because of the factor. I have ask several big manufacturers and never get a straight an honest answer.
But I think (i can be wrong) most companies would like you to change aids every 3.5-5 years. I would say that it makes sense, for example if you change your digifocus for a pair of tego or tego pro, you would see that there is a substantial improvement while the cost are shouldnt be so bad…
any opionions?


My dispenser mentioned the tego pro as similar to the syncro but a bit
cheaper. He also mentioned the destiny as close in price as something
to consider; he’s had good fitting results with them. I do want to pick something he knows how to fit. Oticon is an obvious
consideration for me based on the luck I’ve have with them.

ask him to try the tego pro, and an sincro
then try to have a conversation like outside of the clinic
try to talk to a relative. It has been my experience that 7 people
prefer the tego rather than the sincro (with out price considerations)

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