Syncro vs. Tego Pro

This summer we will be trying a Naida SP for my 11 year old son. I want him to try a second aid to have something to compare to. He currently wears Digifocus II compact power and has a moderately severe to severe cookie bite loss.
His audiologist does not want to fit him with a RITE or mini BTE until he gets a bit older.
Which would be better to choose? Tego Pro or Syncro to try out against the Naida?

I have been fitting Oticon quite some time…
I had never been a fan of Sincro, given the choice most of my clients would rather get a Tego than a Syncro…
To be quite frank Naidia is a newer instrument. and therefore, it should outperform both tego and Syncro… For children I prefer to fit safran but it is still an older generation instrument…

In summer 2008, Oticon would be realeasing Epoq V power- if your son is with in the fitting range it might be a good choice- if you want to stick to the brand.

I finally dug out copies of his last audiogram which was done on 3-28-08.

frequency Left Right
250 - 50 - 50
500 - 55 - 70
1000 - 75 - 75
2000 - 75 - 80
3000 - 75 - 75
4000 - 65 - 65
6000 - 60 - 60
8000 - 50 - 65

it says speech recognition/aware threshold 65 on both sides
word recognition 84% at 80 db on right and 85% at 80 db on left

Over the years his readings have fluctuated up and down slightly depending on his age and how bad any ear infections/ ear drum perforations were at the time.

Are there any hearing aides that are power BTE that are newer technology than the syncro or Tego Pro we can compare the Naida to?

sincro is a multi band adaptative directionality (i personaly like the Tego better), but I say either the Naidia or the Siemens Tek should be
superior, Sincro and tego is past generation HI,
Oticon will introduce a power version soon