Symbio XT

Greetings everyone!

I haven’t found any posts about this bernafone model. It doesn’t appear to be similar to any Oticon products. And the testamonials make it sound like the sound is unbelievable. Is the natural sound quality what they promote it to be?

i dont know who the channel free instrument work, what i do know is that the swiss ear, was a flop! (which was also channel free)
It would nice to hear from someone who dispense bernafon

Hi Cialatio and xbulder

That’s the real question, right? I’ve read a little about the channel free design reducing spectral distortion so your brain can more easily differentiate sound sources (different speakers) in a noisy environment. The theory and technical descriptions seem to make sense, and they have test results to back up the research. The Resound Azure uses asymmetric microphone settings (omni in one ear and directional in the other), and the Warp processor, and they have research showing that these features help you hear better. Everyone has their own proprietary approach, which are “revolutionary” and “the best”. I thought the channel free design sounded really good, but I noticed that none of their follow-on instruments used it. Obviously, it wasn’t popular (didn’t work well?).

I agree with xbulder - can we hear from some dispensers and users of the Symbio and Swiss Ear models? How do you like them? Thanks.


I have seen GN research for the Azure and it seems really extensive,
more over, they test this concept with over 1000 people which seems to be
appropiate enough and I have heard good coments here in the post…
I have not really heard anything about the channel free…
but bernafon has also other high end products which are not channel free
which makes me believe the is a lack of consesus…
the coments are heard about the swiss ear are anecdoatical…

Thanks Xbulder and Dag. Being a music lover and viewing their promotion of their product is very appealing. It’s amazing the impact certain advertisements have on the audience at times.

So in reality there are better HAs out there.

i would check, Oticon, Phonak, siemens…
I would check a wireless HI

Hi Cialatio

If you can, I’d suggest trying the Symbio and see how it works for you. Just because it doesn’t work for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work well for you. Besides, I’d really like to hear a first hand review! :slight_smile:


Hi Dag,

I’ll need to check with they are even powerful enough for my hearing loss. But yes, I wouldn’t mind trying them. I’ll see how I go. Won’t be for a couple weeks though since I will be starting work soon. I am also contemplating other HA for example microPower III or the eXtra. Maybe I can I’ll end up trying all three.

I’ll post my experiences on this forum once I start the trial.