Switching from Widex Senso Diva

My first post! I have Widex Diva and want the freedom of going with another manufacturer if they provide a product that may better suit my needs. Widex is fine but I’ve had problems with the wired crossover boots. I sent a private message to HIP Matt who was very helpful but I thought I’d see what others think as well.

After doing a search on these forums two posts in particular caught my eye:

By English Dispenser

Ah ha, another Widex Senso user.

I shudder with dread when Senso users enter my practice seeking an upgrade.

The Senso has - err - an unique processing algorithm.

Switching to a non Senso aid can be VERY difficult.

Don’t blame modern aids if they sound odd … you have got used to something - err - a little bit different.

It might be wise to stick with Widex products.

By Matt HIP:
I too agree with English Dispenser on this one. I have tried multiple manufacturers when trying to replace / upgrade Senso patients. Even the newest products from Widex will not sound close to these aids. From my experience with Senso wearers I have found the Next 16 (or even now Latitude 16) from Unitron to be a reasonable match with one catch: I would recommend your audi/dispenser match the frequency response and output, CR, etc. of the Senso’s to the Next 16 as closely as possible using a Verifit. It is time consuming but the only thing I do now after spending hours and hours trying everything else… even then they will take some time to get used to.

I realize my brain is now “trained” to think of the Senso Diva as “correct” and it may take some time before it’ll get retrained to something else. I’m willing to put in the time if it’s worth it.

The Mind 440 is a strong consideration but Matt is also recommending a Unitron Latitude 8. There are audi’s who dispense both close by and who also carry Phonak, Oticon and Seimens.

250 55
1000 50
2000 45
3000 50
4000 55
6000 76
8000 89

Speech recognition is above 90%

My first aids were in the canal Divas, and I had no trouble moving to America Hears aids, and currently GN Resound Pulse aids.

My mom went from Senso’s to America Hears. She uses her old Senso’s as backup aids. I think she has some of the first Senso’s.

Jay and jhp, thanks for your input. I’ll let you know how it goes.