Switching between Bluetooth devices with Phonak Marvel

My Phonak Marvels work with my Mac and my iPhone. As many know, they can stay paired to both devices, but one of them must be disconnected (or Bluetooth turned off) for the other to connect. Sometimes I am able to simply turn off the Bluetooth on my iPhone and Connect the R-Phonak hearing aid on my MacBook Air. Other times it won’t connect until I put the HA in their Charger case for a few seconds, and then they’ll Connect. Turning them Off and On doesn’t do it. Is this just the way it is? I can’t identify what I’m doing differently when it does connect without having to turn them off or place them in the charger. Any thoughts?

My Marvel’s are paired to 5 different devices. Some of those devices, like my iPhone & iPad, also are connected to other Bluetooth devices, like tiles and remote security things, so I never turn the Bluetooth off on them. If I need to connect to the HSa, on a different device then I am connected to, for streaming or something else, I just disconnect from one and connect to the other. Something that takes a few seconds. I do not have a problem with this. I have read here that some do but I do not.

Interesting. I’m not sure why mine is not working as smoothly as yours. I do have latest OS on my laptop and phone. Even Phonak’s FAQ states one must turn OFF Bluetooth before connecting to a 2nd Device. What is a bit frustrating is if I’m watching a video or listening to music on my MacBook Air, I want to be able to receive calls on my HA through my iPhone. I guess that’s still not possible with these HA, or am I missing something?

While watching TV with the TV connector if I get a phone call or text message the phone will jump in over the TV connector. When I get off the phone it resumes back to the TV connector.

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Nice to know the TV connector makes it possible. I was hoping to be able to avoid purchasing another device. I assume they’ll make it possible within the HA and/or app before too long. Other manufacturers are already doing it, I hear.

I forget but it may be necessary to turn off Bluetooth when pairing to a new device but definitely not necessary when disconnecting/connecting.