Swimmer's Earplugs - ?Free? WHILE getting Custom HA Ear Molds?

How can I get custom ear plugs for swimming–free?? Here’s how:

I was chatting away with some vet about custom acrylic ear molds, explaining why they are great, and then FINALLY, he said:

“No, I’m just looking for custom ear plugs to protect my ears in the POOL and SWIMMING!”

Quickly, I suggested when you see the audiologist to (also) get some custom molds, ask nicely to just squirm more of that silicon back in your ear, and the HAND that RAW mold to YOU. The mold material itself should make great earplugs.

CAUTIONS: I SCUBA dive and I’m a pilot as well. Equalizing inner ear pressure is essential. But, several things about added tight fitting ear plugs might be VERY painful and potentially dangerous. Most that follow me, also know I always use 100% occluded acrylic molds, so I get frequency response < 8 HZ with Bluetooth music. But, a few weeks ago, I did injure my ear somewhat, when I pulled them out too fast.

YOU equalize the pressure inside your inner ear. But, if you now ADD those super efficient silicon plugs, you’ve just added a NEW air space between them, and your ear drum. YANK it out fast, you you could do serious damage. Likewise, (AFTER, and EVEN IF you already equalize your ears yourself, ALSO DIVING with these, even in the pool, or flying with them will make your eardrum push, or pull away from that plug. Now that your are aware, I’m sure you can find ways of mitigating that risk.

Just don’t put the plugs in if diving, then quickly let all the air out of your BCD to reach -100 Ft in 15 seconds, or that will be a VERY short dive, dealing with the resulting pain!