Sweeping speed?

Hi all,

What is this “sweeping speed” in Starkey Inspire setting? “Slow, Medium, Fast”. Is this how fast compression kicks? I have severe loss and cannot stand loud sounds. Any recommendations on what it should be set on?


My guess would be either a frequency sweep or sweep of test tones. Does Inspire have in-situ hearing tests? Or maybe for feedback testing.

Do you know what the “Present” control is? Would it be related to Sweeping Speed? If so, what does its i-in-a-circle info contain?

At the end of the scan, you can adjust the gain by dragging the curve above, depending on what you hear, you can see the instructions here

Guys, Sweeping speed has nothing to do with compression speed. Like Menglxs has explained it is more to do with comfort.

I believe Sweeping speed is related to how long a sound is played on the same frequency.