Sweating is giving me problems

The Ear Gear covers have worked for me. Even with Dry and Store I had problems. Problem was that once I noticed I was perspiring heavily, it was too late. The batteries were already wet. The Ear Gear covers keep them drier longer and I will be perspiring for a prolonged period, I have more time to remove them. C

I’ve used my Ear Gear covers - mini curved in beige, with my GN ReSound Live 9’s for a couple of weeks and it’s solved my issues. I close the battery door in the morning, slide the Ear Gear over and put them on my ears and off I go. In the evening I slide the Ear Gear up, open the battery door, and drop them in the Dry and Store.

The Ear Gear covers do also feel better behind my ears than just the lump of plastic by itself, and it does reduce wind noise considerably. I’ve also noticed that the temples of my sunglasses don’t make a noise banging against the BTE like they used to.

I have a very cheap solution for you. Buy a box of rubber gloves, small, and powder free. use a scissors to cut off the fingers of the glove and use them as shields on your hearing aids. You might hear a little “crinkling” from time to time, but I’ve used this method for years in situations where the sweat was literally pouring off of my head, works great.