Sweat Resistance

I was active on this forum approximately five years ago. My wife and I currently own ReSound RIE hearing aids which were purchased at Costco. Besides the excellent support that we both have received from the Costco Hearing Aid department over the years, we have noticed “static” in the hearing aids apparently due to our sweating - surprise, we live in Texas! The audiologist/specialists indicate that the hearing aid microphones are susceptible to moisture incursion and causing the noise.

Is there any knowledge/experience from the members on this forum as to which brands/models of hearing aids do better under moist/sweating conditions?

THANKS for your advice and support!

Look for the IP rating in the hearing aid model’s spec. I think the first number is for dust resistance, the second number is for water resistance. Many modern hearing aids have an IP rating of 68.

One advantage to rechargeables is the ability to seal the aid as you eliminate the battery door and get higher water resistance like IP68. With the battery door, even with a well sealed door closing, I found IP58 the highest rating available. Which is still good and supposedly will protect from common exposure (maybe save you in a shower, but not trip to the bottom of a pool). IP68 is essentially the level modern cellphones can boast of, with an ad of the phone in a glass of water (no I’ve never tried to reproduce that to see if it was true, potentially too expensive of an experiment for me).

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Ear gears are supposed to work. They slip over your hearing aids. https://www.gearforears.com/

Also, you can get a dryer from Costco and put them in every night.

These are a few ways to extend your hearing aids once you get new ones.

Hi Folks,
Thanks for all of the responses!
The ReSound hearing aids that we have are IP68. The problem is not with the battery, but with the microphone openings which apparently don’t like any moisture.They start adding in noise when wet which sounds like “white noise” or static. We have been using the Costco UV/dryer for the last four years and it definitely helps dry them out. The specialists at the Costco hearing aid department tell me that all hearing aid Brands have the same problem with moisture.

Have any of you folks done strenuous exercise with your hearing aids in and not experienced any problems due to sweating? If so, which brands/models do you have/recommend.

Thanks again!

Hearing aids have moisture resistant coatings. It’s not so much about the door seals and gaskets and mic covers.

These coatings can be etched away from salts in your sweat, shower water etc. This why it’s best to take care of your aids, even though they are IP rated for dust and moisture.

Do you put your aids in a dry and store Breeze dryer overnight? This particular dry box will fit the 4 aids in it, and it runs for 8 hours. So it will dry your aids out for you overnight.

Thanks for your response. I have used a dry box for years. This is different. As soon as I start sweating, the microphones start making noise. Does this happen with other brands of hearing aids?

Today I had a first. This morning I got out and broke a serious sweat working on some electrical. About an hour of fast paced work. I was wringing wet when the job was finished. Came inside and my right processor quit. Took it off and dried it. Removed microphone guards and dried them. Put it back together and it still doesn’t function. When powered up the Nucleus 7 green light just stays on, no blinking.

Put both processors in the dryer. Hopefully the right will come back to life. Never had this issue with Phonak hearing aids!

Edit: The right processor is functioning properly after a night in the Dry & Store dryer. Happy about this, need to look up the solid green light issue.

My experience in the UK, which is not as hot and humid as many of the places some people here live, is that Resound hearing aids often need a service after about one year, because the microphones have gone noisy as described in the first post. Once you start to get the noise, although a session in the dryer will clear it, invariably it’s back very quickly. And yes, it’s nothing to do with the battery compartment being sealed or not.

I have had this experience with both LINX 3D (twice) and LINX Quattro. It’s very annoying as you have to be without the aids for a couple of weeks while they are repaired, which means having a spare pair that are ready to go when needed.

Confirms my suspicions. Will look for another brand replacement. Still haven’t heard back as to which RIE hearing aids models/brands will endure sweating without moisture problems. Does anyone here go e.g. jogging with their hearing aids in and not have any problems?

Appreciate your feedback.

Eargear or Sweatbands are what you need

I’ve never had an issue with Phonak’s and I’ve been sailing with mine in with water spraying into my face/ears.

I do use a Dry & Store tho which drys them out over 8 hours.

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I work with students who have hearing loss (had job before i lost my hearing). We were constantly having to replace parts on my students who sweat a lot. We got ear gears when they came out. They have really helped. https://www.gearforears.com/

Thanks. This is the type of feedback that I was looking for! I used to race sailboats in the ocean and if the Phonak hearing aids can withstand that environment they should be ok in our conditions. Which model are you using?

I have BTE aids which are the B90 and V70.

I tried the Audeo M50 but couldn’t get on with a RIC aid so never went sailing with it as I didn’t keep it.

I had the problem especially with Widex, back when I wore that brand and lived in a house with a garden. Whenever I worked in the garden–and sweated–my HAs accrued moisture, although I didn’t know it at the time. The build up of ‘rust’ etc. was detrimental. I learned to tie a bandana around my head “American Indian” fashion, which I found did a good job of stemming the flow of moisture from my scalp. Also a bought a ‘dri-box’ to keep the aids in overnight. Still do that, although sadly I now lack a garden.