Survey - Streaming cellphone calls to one ear, or to both ears?


Some hearing aid models allow streaming a cellphone call to both ears. Some hearing aid models allow streaming a cellphone call to only one ear, while the other hearing aid functions as a microphone for the phone call. Your vote is anonymous.

Does anyone have a preference?

  • Hear phone call in one hearing aid
  • Hear phone call in both hearing aids
  • No opinion, or I don’t know

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Test completed!

I have never tried either method so I don’t know and that was how I voted.


Sure. Ok. Then I would be the same. It’s a curiosity to me that a phone call is mono but that people would want to hear it in both ears. Zebras makes an excellent point. Fortunately I can hear a phone fine in one ear.
I guess also depending on the technology…the question is only just very slightly vague. Or the answers. Something seems vague to my feeble brain. I think there’s great value in truly hands free with using an onboard mic rather than holding the phone up or using an intermediate device. But that’s a little different from hearing in one or both ears.


For those without great word recognition (myself included) it helps call comprehension to stream to both ears. What I don’t comprehend with one ear, I may comprehend with both.


It’s all making more sense. Thanks


Streaming calls to both ears and being able to turn the microphones on the HAs down or muted was great. Unfortunately, with my Phonak I have to make do with just using the phone as usual - the easycall was too much bother to turn it on & off all the time so I could use my hands free Bluetooth in the car.


You didn’t write which Phonak you use. With my Naida V90 I can stream the sounds from one HA to the other while holding the mobile phone or landline phone to only one side. Phonak calls this “DuoPhone”. And the HA can be automatically switched to this program when there is a magnetic field near the speaker of the phone. I didn’t find a suitable HA from another manufacturer, maybe someone remembers my question some weeks ago. When using hands free Bluetooth in the car then you also use the streamer (ComPilot)? These are 2 different programs.
I voted for “Hear phone calls on both HAs”.


Hearing the phone in both ears improves understanding greatly. I recommend it completely. Recent Kirkland Signatures has a feature the call XPhone. This uses a magnet placed on the phone to tell the hearing aid on the listening ear to broadcast what it hears to the other ear so you hear the conversation in both ears. Positioning the phone to keep the ear-to-ear broadcast going is awkward at first, but you can get it to work. Costco has a new SmartMIC available to replace the older Smart Connexx. Plus a newer SmartMIC will be available soon. The SmartMIC connects to your phone with Bluetooth and the rebroadcasts to your hearing aids. This does away with the juggling needed to keep the XPhone activated. The SmartMIC also has a feature to shut off the hearing aid microphones to screen out background noise while in call. I’m starting to work my way back into the population that willingly talks on the phone.


Hi Dani. I have the Phonak Audeo V90 312s. I tried the duophone but found that it was too hard to learn where to put the phone for it to pick up the sound. None of my calls were of sufficiently low “need to hear every word “ level that I could afford to experiment too much. I did try the telecoil for calls but only one phone at Work worked with it and my work didn’t want me to leave the magnet stuck to the phone which is used by lots of people as they thought someone would just pull it off. I tried just attaching it when I was working but it stuck to someone’s earring and disappeared for a day! Everyone was very amused but it put an end to trying to use the magnet at work on a shared phone. I did not get a commpilot because it is big and clumsy and I don’t want every conversation to be about “what is that thing around your neck?”. My work know that I wear hearing aids but I continually interact with new people all day and do not want to have to explain all day. The air version gets bad reviews and the easycall stopped my handsfree from working in the car and was a bother. I too found that Phonak gave me the best hearing but I do wish they would embrace the MFi route. Their direct solution pales by comparison to a proper MFi aid.


I have only ever experienced the Phonak Audeo B Directs, so I have no basis for comparison. Having said that, I am good with the phone in one ear. After all, when you use a phone without hearing aids you only get it in one ear. My hearing loss is severe in both ears, but the aids really rock my hearing loss.


I have Phonak Bolero and a compilot 11. It streams to both ears, I don’t have any issues with my hands free in the car, the car BT automatically takes over the call. Outside of the car the compilot 11 automatically streams to both ears without any switching on or off of the compilot.