Surgery for Baha on Friday


I wonder if I am doing the right thing-I have a 100% hearing loss in my right ear and sustantial loss in my left. On Friday I will have the surgery to put a “Peg in my Head” and 8 weeks later I should be able to use my Baha.
I was born with this hearing loss and really wonder if I am doing the right thing. (Can’t miss what you never had) I am wondering about the recovery from the surgery–will I scare my grandchildren?



all ears,
I think you’re doing the right thing, you said you “can’t miss what you never had,” well I think you probably miss a lot and never realize it! I think it’s great you live in a time when it’s possible to regain what you’ve never had. My grandmother was basically deaf and would have given almost anything to hear her grandchildren or carry on a normal conversation with anyone, but because she was born at the wrong time ( she died in the early 60’s) she was only able to use a body aid and it robbed her of what most of the hearing world takes for granted. So I say go for it! If you don’t like it all you have to do is take the BAHA off and leave it in the drawer.
As for you’re grandchildren, I think they will be thrilled that you will be able to hear them and will think it’s cool that you have bionic hearing. Good luck!



Just a quick BAHA insurance question. My hearing has decreased substantially in my left ear over a 2 year period, so the ENT started mentioning BAHA’s at some point in the future for me, depending on the continued rate of loss. Are BAHA’s and the procedure covered by insurance? I know my HA’s arent!



i wish good luck,read this scripture prv:16-1



I was “ideal candidate” for the BAHA a year ago. Health America denied coverage. I appealed and BAHA insurance appeals division appealed it. Once again denied.

I called the hospital to get price on procedure thinking maybe I could pay for it myself.
Processor unit $3000.00. Surgery approx $80,000.00.
Yes that’s right, 83 thousand.

My insurance changes Jan 1, but now I am only borderline as being a candidate.
And new insurance still may not cover it.

Beware of the BAHA evaluation. I was billed for it. Had to pay out of pocket $791.00.



All Ears,
How’d your surgery go?
I had mine on the 21st. Gettin’ the Ponto Pro.
Can’t wait to get this dressing off in a few days.