Surflink Products


Before going into debt I wanted to ask what experiences anyone has had with the Surflink Products.
I have only my right ear as I was born without my left ear.
I am wearing a Starkey Muse i2400 RIC with earmold and have not mastered my phone yet and have read that Surflink Products may be my missing link I am going to see the audiologist tomorrow to talk and tweak settings.
Is it true that these work?



I have the Surflink Mobile 2, and it mostly works very well with cell phones. I have found it to be some what hit or miss with other Bluetooth devices, however it works very well with a line in connection. It does occasionally drop connections with an ear for no apparent reason that I can tell.

The big concern I would have in investing at this point is that it looks to me like Starkey is moving away from the platform, although that is more a feeling then anything concrete I can put my finger on.