Surflink Mobile Updates

I had the firmware updated on my Starkey Xino i110 hearing aids and Surflink mobile last week and this week. My audi told me that some time in the last year Starkey updated the hearing aid interface for the Surflink mobile. It takes up one of my four programs, but I only used two any way so that was not a big deal. The interface program dramatically improves the sound quality of the Surflink’s streaming.

Also, when I got my Surflink Mobile, the firmware revision level was 1.4. My audi updated mine to the latest revision, 2.0. It changes the GUI quite a bit. So far I like the changes. There are more options and, to me, the way you select options is more intuitive.

At first I intended to just update the firmware on my own, but I thought that if I messed it up, I doubt Starkey would support me. However, I assumed if my audi erred, Starkey would pick up the tab on making things right.