Surflink Bluetooth Audio PC Problems

I recently installed a Insignia Bluetooth Adapter (4.0) into my Windows 7 and paired it up to my SurfLink Mobile 2. It worked perfectly, and I’ve used it before.
Apparently, I mucked about in the bluetooth settings; I think I checked Headset in Properties, and I was playing with Speech Recognition in bluetooth control.

I’m pretty sure I returned all the settings, but now the Surflink won’t detect or stream audio over the computer’s bluetooth connection, and even tells me so.
Any suggestions on how to repair it? I’ve even completely reinstalled drivers, reset the surflink. I do not have a system restore from before the time I made this change.


Verify that all Bluetooth devices are enabled in Device Manager, check Bluetooth Settings and make sure Discovery and Connections are enabled, then try pairing the SurfLink Mobile again.

David, did you find a solution to your problem with the bluetooth?