Surf link mobile case?

Has anyone found an MP3 player type case that works with the surflink mobile? I found a great case that’s a perfect fit by Eddie bower. But there is no access to the screen or controls while it’s in the case.

If I find something, I’ll post back here in case someone else is searching.

I crocheted an MP3 case for myself. Given the fact that my earhooks cost $50, while earbuds cost $10 :mad:, I can put them in there for safekeeping when it is not in use. It can also carry a spare battery, and my cellphone can even fit-- I might make another for that.

On a drawstring long enough to go around my neck, and it is easy to pull it out to turn it off, etc.

Shell stitch, with variegated thread in primary colors.

Starkey has a case for the surf link mobil

That would be great. I have been using my old Blackberry case, which works very well.