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Please visit our new hearing aid battery shop! We sell PowerOne and Rayovac hearing aid batteries at deeply discounted prices. Our prices include shipping and taxes within the United States*. Batteries are guaranteed fresh, and you can feel safe ordering from our independently-owned, Austin, Texas based business.

From now through the end of the year, please use the promo code “LAUNCH” to receive $2.00 off your order, or simply click this link to have the promo code automatically applied at the checkout. We currently offer Rayovac and PowerOne brand batteries.

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Updated the post above. We were tipped off that hearing aid batteries are not taxed in Texas. So no taxes anywhere in the US now.

My delivery just arrived. Thank you for offering this service. Do you plan on expanding to include domes and filters too?

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I have considered it. Out of curiosity, what type of aids do you use?

I am using Oticon OPN2 hearing aids. I would have to check my dome size but I am almost ready to order more.

Will post an update if I’m able to supply good pricing on these products. I don’t want anything to be overpriced in the shop.

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what about cochlear high power implant bats ?

I ordered batteries from you. Very fresh (long expiration date) at a great price and fast shipping. Thanks for offering this service.


Currently we don’t have these on offer, but I’ll check into it. What brand do you use?

Thanks for the feedback Bob! Happy we could help.

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