Super Power BTE

I’m in the market for a high power BTE. My hearing in my left ear has dropped to -90dB at 2K and 3K.

Can anyone recommend a good BTE for this type of loss?

Thank You!

sumo dm, from oticon I have fitted a lot of those.

Phonak is due for a new one - but this might take a while

Thanks Xbulder,

I have heard good things about the SUMO. What have your patients experienced with regard to feedback with 70dB of high frequency gain? :confused:

Also - What type(s) of earmolds do you recommend?


Hi, my hubby just got the Extreme BTE by Bernfon for his right ear. His hearing loss in his right ear sounds similar to yours. He left ear also has some loss, but he is able to wear open fit for the left ear - Bernafon ICOS micro. The Superpower BTE from Bernafon is one of the smallest superpower BTEs out there. He got his from Costco. Good price and good service. Good luck!:smiley:

dear Brad:

the Earmold should be silicone with thick tubing…
It has a very good feedback canceller…

A few things you should note about the extreme… The extreme has the same casing as the SUMO DM, meaning if you look the instruments BOTH ARE IDENTICAL in size, the power on light for children is even present in both of them…

This is not really surprising as bernafon is own by Oticon and at one point in time the products are nearly identical… That said, yes it is a copy of the sumo DM, however the software is completly different, Xtreme is not a DLS 5.0 Instrument. Only a NAL NL1, i would say, i prefer to use different fitting formula for severe to profund losses…

Im not entire familiar with the Extreme, I would need to see what is the
noise reduction algorithm… The gain handles are 5 or 6 I believe…

By the way, Bernafon is meant to be cheaper than Oticon… Just like rexton is meant to be cheaper than Siemens and Unitron is cheaper than Phonak…

U get the point,…

The Oticon Sumo DM’s are very good. With a good fitting mold, feedback should not be an issue.

I have used the Phonak Supero’s, but the technology is a little behind others. Phonak is releasing a new power BTE next month and I will be going to Chicago at the end of this month to preview the new products, so I will post what I find out.

Yes, it will be water resistant which is a good improvement…

I would expect it to be alot more expensive than the Supero…

I would tent to think It is time for Oticon to release a new Super power

an indication is that now Bernafon has an identical product…

That mught be an indication it is on is end of its product cicle… (perhaps)

Or maybe they are even waiting to see what phonak will come up with

to improve further ( I wouldnt be surprise if this is the case)…

Starkey produce one of the most powerful BTEs around, with over 80dB of usable gain coupled with one of the most advanced feedback control systems around. If you are power hungry, I’d get a trial of a set of these. I’ve fitted some really tough cases with them, and they are outstanding.

It’s called the Destiny 1200 Power Plus.

the supéro is 85 db gain
and the sumo dm and the extreme is about 84…

The question is how much of that gain is usable. The Starkey aid I mentioned has one of the most advanced feedback canceling systems in the world. So while on paper it may lack 4-5 dB of gain of these aids, if more of that gain is actually accessible in real life then perhaps it’s a better choice.

My BMW has 28 horse power less than the Acura I used to own. But with rear wheel drive, better traction control, and better weight distribution it seems faster and certainly handles better. In hearing aid terms lab tested gain is all well and good, but if you can’t use it, it is useless.

Thanks so much for all the input (pun intended). You guys are the greatest! :smiley:

do you have the studies or papers which compare the feedback manager of all the super power?. How many channels does the starkey aid has?

I have severe/profound loss in both ears but I wear only one aid in the left ear.

I just got fitted with this hearing aid this past weekend, and I have to say it’s ok…power wise. The sound quality is about the same as my analog Phonak Superfront (2003), when I know I go up better. The noise reduction is too sensitive, cutting out at inappropriate times and when I drive, there’s a very high pitched whistling/trilling sound. The only thing is that I still get some feedback if I go any higher than 3, despite the fact I’m wearing a “closed” mold creating some occlusion.

I don’t have my chart at hand…but my loss has gone done by 5%, prolly due to aging and I’ve worn hearing aids since I was 2 years old. (I’m 49 now)

I can’t find the output/gain specs on the Starkey, but I did see that Oticon Sumo has 144dB output, and 85dB gain. That’s pretty powerful, considering my Phonak is about 140-142dB w/80db gain.

Maybe I should try the Oticon Sumo to compare with this Starkey?

I believe Starkey has 8 channels…and 4 bands.

not to advance right?

I know Supero has a integrated real ear measurement just like the Starkey… But I think supero has been around a really long time…

Phonak did not stressed this feature so much… @ least I never read it in a magazine in a trade show…

My first question here is how well has the aid been programmed? There are thousands of programming permutations with this aid, including control over how the background noise is handled.

Wearing an aid like this for less than a week, without having a series of follow up appointments, and expert programming cannot possibly determine the fitting success of this instrument. It certainly seems premature to be talking about dumping it for another aid.

The 1200 Power Plus actually has 8 channels and 12 bands. Of course this number is not necessarily any indication of sound quality, and more bands/channels does not necessarily translate to a better aid.

i would ask the audi to get both instrument so you can demo what is best… if you have use HI before I would let your ear decide…