Sunday morning backyard musings


The mushroom grew amongst the wood chips in my backyard. The rock was dug up from my backyard (also I see similar rocks when we walk in the hills) so I’m pretty sure that my backyard was under the sea at some point in the past. Best viewed by clicking the image to enlarge and expanding to fullscreen.



like 1000% sure… :rofl:

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And 500 or so years from now it will probably be covered by the sea once again!



:t_rex: Ah, maybe you have been listening to these authors;

  • The Ends of the World, Earth’s Past Mass Extinctions - Peter Brannen
  • The Sixth Extinction - Elizabeth Kolbert
  • The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells
  • Losing Earth - Nathaniel Rich


That mushroom photo is gorgeous.

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Very cool photo of the shells. A marine biologist might be interested in exploring your property.



Here’s a better picture of that rock after last night’s rain got it clean and shiny. It’s about 16 inches/41 CM wide. Oh, best viewed by clicking to enlarge then expand to view fullscreen.



Hey I’m no scientist. But those critters were maybe ocean gastropods? Typically made from calcium carbonate. In the same manner that reefs form when polyps secrete skeletons of calcium carbonate. But guess what? Oceans are absorbing much more carbon dioxide in the recent past, thus becoming more acidic and lowering oceanic pH.

I have read that acidic/lower oceanic pH is putting the kibosh on calcium carbonate construction. So the reefs and who knows what else are going bye bye.

In The Sixth Extinction - Elizabeth Kolbert (CHAPTER VII DROPPING ACID) they did experimentation using volcanic vents as a natural source of ocean acidification. You think there is any coral reefs growing near the vents? None, nada, zip.



My marine biologist buddy confirms.



I’m no marine biologist, but your images are gorgeous!

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Do y’all know about the fungus (chytridiomycosis) which appears to be causing mass extinction to some of our planet’s frog population? It’s happening right now. This fungus named chytridiomycosis is killing them and it has spread to vast areas in many different countries.

See BBC article (linked below) titled Killer frog disease ‘part of Earth’s sixth mass extinction’. You can also read about the frogs in (The Sixth Extinction - Elizabeth Kolbert).

Meanwhile EVACC (El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center) in Panama is protecting several species of frog by keeping them indoors in a protected frog hotel. But guess what? They can’t let them go! If they were to let them go the frogs will die (worse yet, become extinct) because chytridiomycosis is still present and it is spreading.