Sumo xp

Is the Oticon Sumo XP still available? If not, what is the replacement?

This was the best hearing aid I’ve own. The volume control failed so I sent it out for repair to Protec Heaing Aid Repair Shop in Surfside Beach SC ( I can’t get a response from them via phone or email so I’m afriad it’s gone for good.


The Oticon Sumo XP is still a current model. There is also the Sumo DM model available as well.

Any idea where I can buy one? I’ve been looking for the XP or E for a while. I’ve heard good things about these models for profound loss

It really depends on where you are located. If you were in Toronto, I could have supplied you with one.

It would be best if you looked up Oticon’s website and find a practitioner through their site.

I am in Houston. I called several from the website and most of them are gone or do not sell the Sumo XP.

I do not have an problem buying it online

Have you tried the Sumo DM? It is essentially the digital version of the XP. Oticon USA seems to have delisted the XP.

Perhaps even calling Oticon USA, might be worthwhile as they do tend to keep some stock of older hearing aids.

Good luck.

Sure did and several other digitals.

I found one place about 50 miles from me that will sell it for 1050.

Sounds like you found your hearing aid. I’m glad to hear it.