Sumo DM vs. tego pro? fitting suggestions?

Hi, just found this forum, unfortunately only 1/2 hour before I go see my audiologist about hearing aids, not too impressed with her yet, but got a lot of questions to ask from quickly reading this forum…

Questions for now:

  1. how do Sumo DM and Tego Pro compare??

  2. which is the more current model, less likely to not have any parts available later on??

  3. fitting ideas or suggestions?? Have always worn analog aids – Oticon E39PL for the last 10 years

  4. Hearing disability is fairly flat all the way across the spectrum (unusual) from low to high – average pure tone loss is 75-80 dB – severe to profound

  5. 90+ speech comprehension (say the word…) testing results usually – 95-ish on the “Davy Crockett” test years ago

  6. I gather there’s no self-adjusting I myself could do on either aid?? Audi also does Starkey – Destiny I think – but I’m kind of partial to Oticon and I know Oticon is one of the top 4 HA makers

  7. I will ask about Real Ear Measurement and adaptive noise reduction and DSL/NAL programming…

  8. are there any OTHER website/forums like this – I thought of SHHH but kept forgetting to check it

HA needs to work well in small group conversations, group meetings for me are infrequent…

If I really don’t like this audi there is only more option in the frozen northern area where I live…sigh.

Thanks, hope for some replies.

:slight_smile: tom

As many of the people here on this forum would tell you, if you can wait a week before ordering, I would. The major trade show for HA’s is happening this week and most of the manufacturers will be releasing new aids, and probably adjusting their pricing accordingly.

this is irrelevant, oticon will not introduce a product for your hearing loss

and phonak has already introduce it in the EUHA, so if you are going this way

you could make ur desitipon