Suggestions wanted for 90 yr old Dad who loses HA's

My Dad is 90 yrs old he lives in assisted living. He is constantly breaking or losing his HA (5 since July, 2 of which were new from VA). The VA ordered him a replacement which I took home, he is only eligible for 1 more for the next 4 yrs. Dad insists on taking HA off when he talks on the phone (had Bluetooth), if he’s reading and there is noise, people talking, music playing, ect. I ordered Ear Gear for glasses, in the hope of finding a way he won’t lose them.

I ordered him cheap hearing aids from E Bay (224 for 2). I pay for all extras over room and board, I can not afford the way he goes thru HA’s, I feel guilty leaving him with none, but need to figure out a way he won’t lose them. I have tried Otto Clips, other Ear Gear and Ear Huggies. Dad does not have dementia, but is physically disabled. One pair he crushed when he stepped on it after running it over with his wheel chair. I have begged him not to take them off, he has told me when I connect them to his glasses, he may lose all 3. Any suggestions you may have will be appreciated.

This may be your cheapest option. HearCompanion: Body-worn hearing aids
That way, if he takes the ear-piece out, the body of the aid is not at risk. Check with the VA.

you might want to check on something like this…it might be worth visit to the VA and explain the situation. maybe they will let you trade in the last for something like.

I would ask the folks at the home where the assisted living folks are when he keep having all these problems.

Employees of assisted living places are notorious for stealing resident’s hearing aids. It happened in my family only recently. :mad: Either product is so large and obvious that it is highly unlikely to get stolen.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The body hearing aid is something I’ve never heard about, and will talk to his audiologist about trying that instead of getting the replacement hearing aids.

The table talker is something I have tried for him, he didn’t like it, so he wouldn’t use it.

The HA’s I ordered him are Siemens Lotus high-power digital BTE 12P, I know they aren’t the best, but the reviews for them weren’t bad, and thought I would be able to see if the ear gear glasses work with them, if they don’t, I’m only out $224 (which to me is a lot of money), but a lot less than “real HA’s”.

I don’t blame the assisted living on him losing the hearing aids. He doesn’t take care of them, the way he should. I have bought him good cases to put them away in, both in his room and for his walker, he doesn’t use either (both are very easy to open, and water proof.

Employees of assisted living places are notorious for stealing resident’s hearing aids

Huh? What do they do with them?

Give them to relatives, sell them in community or on the internet.

Perhaps try a Williams Sound Pocket Talker Pro. We use these in hospitals and long term care facilities all the time. They are a body worn amplifier used with headphones/earphones. They are relatively inexpensive and durable.

See the link posted here.

Follow the “Where to Buy” link at the top for dealer information.

Good luck.

The JZ series is great; they sound good and are much easier to use. I use them a lot with patients who are in assisted living or nursing homes.

Just wanted to tell you what has worked, and what didn’t.

I bought the “cheap HA’s” on E Bay, they didn’t last long, even though I attached them to his glasses. I will be contacting who I bought them from, and hopefully will be able to return them.

I bought a “pocket talker ultra”, Besides needing a new headphone, Dad seemed to be able to hear with it pretty well. He felt that his decoding problem was minimal with it. I am ordering a new (2) headphones, for it, the one I purchased for it temporarily at the drug store was a stereo HP, so is only working for one ear.

We have an appointment with audiologist at VA on Jan 10, I will ask her about trying the Panasonic JZ then, I hope she is willing, if not I will see if I can purchase it for him (if pocket talker doesn’t work out well).

Thanks so much for you help!

The pocket talkers are great too. similar to the Panasonic JZ.

We don’t have the Panasonic JZ in Canada yet… it looks pretty nice. What does it retail for? Anyone know?

Panasonic has a large over ear aid which might work. Not well known in usa.

If they work, PLEASE let us know.


these are cheap as chips and they work … Earstay … I came across it when my mother kept losing her BTE hearing aids , (but they do a version for ITE too) . It has a little clip that attaches to clothing and the other side loops around / attaches to the hearing aid. Finally, she has stopped losing her hearing aids after over 1 year , we have lost none (and we were averaging 1 every 2 months.) Hope this helps, it really helped us so much. When she kept losing the hearing aids, I was starting to wonder if she really needed them, we tried just using one at one point, I investigated cheap basic amplifiers … but I didn’t have the heart to just take away her hearing even though it was getting ridiculously expensive to keep replacing her hearing aids. It’s a Canadian website, but it looks like they deliver worldwide … .