Suggestions for profiles to setup on Oticon OPN 1

To be precise; Genie software supports older models while the newer Oticon Genie 2 supports newer models (beginning with Opn). Downloading Genie 2 gets you both versions but if you want to run the old version instead of running the default new Genie 2 version then you need to choose a separate .exe file in order to run the old version.

You’re right, the first picture shows the cable with programming pills (for eg Siemens pure 701), but if you click at the last small picture below the big picture, you will see the correct FlexStrip (the page makes a little confusion).

Because they are for phonak that means they are CS44A correct? Even though there is no A on the cable.

As if that wasn’t enough. See that little double-Circle icon in the middle of the left-pane and right-pane. You can select that or deselect it to set values for both ears; Or to set individual values for the left ear and the right ear.

Visit my Audiologist yesterday afternoon and got changed done thanks to this thread. Notably:

  • added a music and speech-in-noise profile
  • for phone streaming, lowered the mic volume and bumped overall loudness one level
  • changed my left dome from a open dome to a okenhat is more closed but less occluded that a bass dome. I don’t know what it’s called so included a photo. It feels less occluded and while it doesn’t eliminate feedback noise completely when I put my hand to my ear, it reduces the “squeal” by probably 2/3 compared to open dome. I’m trying it out to see if I can get used to it.

It’s a Grip Tip Vent

Can you use programming pills instead of the flexconnect cables?

No, OPN does not use the pills. It uses flex strips.