Sudden Unilateral Hearing Loss

First post. New member.
I lost most hearing in Left ear in June from a virus. Two steroid injections 3 months after the loss did not help. The “moderate” sized hole in my ear drum remains. The Resound Cali 8 from Costco helps. I ordered a mold in the hope that the HA will perform better. I am starting to think that the RestonTrax42 might be better chice. Comments, thoughts, advice, suggestions etc…will all be welcomed. Thanks, Gary T

I believe the Trax42 is an older version of the KS7 which costs substantially less.

This is true. That is, the KS7 costs less, and is better.

Thanks, but what is a “KS7”? I think the Resound Cali 8 is the best offered here in Canada at $1500cdn (~$1150usd)
The Trax42 is the same price as the Resound Cala 8.

Trying to hear lower frequencies better. Plan on trying a mold for the Resound Cala 8 first.

Isn’t tympanoplasty an option?

You’re always going to struggle to hear LF with a hole in your eardrum, unless there’s some clever compensation done.

I am booked to see a second ENT Dec 8. I trust he will suggest tympanoplasty

Good - sealing the ear with minimal venting ‘a la Mold’ is likely to cause you infection issues due to the breach in the protective surface of the drum and the extra moisture/bacteria from your throat.