Sudden SSD

Sudden hearing loss on right side ( loss ‘profouind’). MRI clear. Being treated with steroid injections to ear drum but no improvement.

Saw ENT today and he has no idea at this point - virus? ear ‘stroke’ so I started my own research and found that a medication that I have recently started taking has listed as one of its lesser known side effects ‘hearing loss’. Medication is Norvasc ( generic) and there are a number of side effects - first two months the effects were minor but suddenly I started having major problems including but not limited to the profound sudden hearing loss. I stopped the Norvasc and the tinnitus has improved slightly and the other side effects are vastly improved but the ‘deafness’ remains. I shall see my MDs tromorrow and give them this information. Has anyone out there had similar problems - and - does it go away???

At this point I’m frustrated, angry, and also SSD



Sorry to hear of your situation. What is Norvasc used to treat? Have you called the manufacturer of the drug? What did they say? You MUST pursue them too. As I see it at minimum for cost of procedures and care.

These drug manufacturers mean well but have you listened to the commercials recently. I mean the side effects are insane.

My hearing recently took a significant drop and I too am wondering why…

Thank you for the post & let me kow what happens? Are they considering a hearing aid(s) to assist you?


Thanks for the response.

I did send a report to the FDA … who knows. Hearing loss is a known but very rare side effect of Norvasc and likely several other similar drugs. Be interested to see if I receive a response. At this point in time - even with aids there seem to be only two options … Baha or Bi Cross. I’ve checked the Baha and while I do not exactly meet their criteria ( not sufficient hearing in the so called good ear) it will still likely work with an aid in the good ear.

Note you are a Jersey 'Boy" - I grew up at the Jersey shore - good heavens maybe it was something in the water…


Sorry I didn’t answer your question - Norvasc is used to treat angina and high blood pressure - I have MILD high blood pressure … in this case the treament is not worth the risk!

So what exactly is your hearing loss? Can you post your audiogram? I thought it was the one ear? I would contact the manufacturer in addition to the FDA so they can at least track the occurence. I am not too familiar with the Baha or Bi Cross - Sounds neat!? But I’m sure we’d rather have tip top hearing any day!! I hear good things about the Nadia Aids from Phonak for power…

Jersey Shore - Yes absolutely… Getting costly to raise 4 kids though!! Where bouts did you grow up??

Letme know how things progress…

Today’s medications and treatments for ailments all come with the risk of so many side effects. For the most part, these side effects can be quite mild or even non-existent. But there are those cases where the side effects are disastrous. This commonly steers me away from medications. If the possible side effects don’t seem worth the relief it offers, what’s the point? Sometimes, just one of the many possible side effects sounds worse than what the medication is for. But there’s a whole list!

I have a close friend who woke up one morning with a profound hearing loss. Fortunately she lived just a few miles from the famous House clinic in Los Angeles. Being a semi-famous TV person, she got an immediate appointment With Dr. House. He did a large battery of tests and determined she was suddenly allergic to corn. Once she removed it from her diet her hearing returned. Time is of the essence with sudden hearing loss. If it happened to me again, I would head to the House Clinic!