Sudden hearing loss please help and some statistic and stories like me

Last week on 31-august I wake up in the mornning - not hearing at all in my left ear
I am 45 years old
Never been ill before
Just like that
The Doctor wrote for me Prednisone 80mg for 4 days and then reduce it - all together 10 days preciption
He told me to hope to be in 30% of the statistic
Unfortunatelly I am today in the 4 day of treatment with no difference at all
Also I have a white noise on the left ear that killing me
I will do MRI in the next weeks
What are my chances if so far no change at all? - also few tests confirms that I have no change
Thanks for any Help

Hi roee_b,

Please understand that no one here can give you medical advice. From experience though, steroid treatment (orally or shot in the eardrum) seems to be the gold standard for treating sudden hearing loss. Seems like you got prompt treatment as well which is also a good thing. It really does seem like a crap shoot though. Some people will regain some or all of their lost hearing and some will not regain any. I have an aunt who went through SSHL and had the oral steroid treatment and regained some of her lost hearing. Hopefully you regain your hearing, if not, just understand the world is not over as it may initially feel. There are plenty of hard of hearing ppl on this forum that can absolutely tell you that life goes on.

For the noise you are hearing, that is called tinnitus. Try playing some environmental sounds like rain, etc. to help mask it.

I just wonder after how much time (or treatment) - you can know that it is over?
Are you familiar with stories that got hearing back after 3 weeks or so?
As far as I understand after 4 days if no changeā€¦ so there will be no change probably