Sudden Hearing Loss Patients Experience Fast Recovery

March 29, 2007

A study of 121 people revealed people who suffered sensorineural hearing loss recovered their hearing within three months.

The Korean study, conducted by a team from the Catholic University of Korea in Seoul, showed people stricken with sudden sensorineural hearing loss could regain full hearing with a combination of oral corticosteroid treatment and time.

Roughly 4,000 Americans suffer sensorineural hearing loss, marked by the loss of 30 decibels or more of hearing over a period of several hours to three days. Spontaneous recovery occurring within two weeks is experienced by 30 to 60 percent of patients.

After 10 days of treatment with oral corticosteroids more than 45 percent of study subjects showed delayed recovery. In the test group, 78 percent experienced full recovery within a month.

The study’s findings, published in the February issue of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, showed a smaller degree of hearing loss is associated with an increased likelihood of delayed recovery. In the event a 10-day course of corticosteroid treatment does not stimulate recovery there is still enough time to try alternative treatments, according to researchers.

i’ve been in the hearing aid field a long time and those percentages seem awfully high for sudden deafness. I know that the use of steroids has helped in recovery. Is that why the numbers seem so high? Usually the only two things that cause sudden deafness is the blood supply is cut off, or a perilymphatic fistula. I’d be interested in reading those articles. It seems more like a temporary threshhold shift than a sudden deaf problem.

Thanks for the interesting fact.

Hi all, newbie here and want to respond on this.

A few months ago I lost my hearing in one ear over a 24-36 hr period. I went to my general doctor who advised me to see a specialist. The first doctor told me I had sudden hearing loss and gave me a low doss (I think about 20mg) of steroids to take for a week. After a week my hearing was not any better so he wanted to fit me for an aid.
I decided to get a second opinion and the second specialist at least doubled my steroid dose, which was really strong since I could feel them. During the first 36 hrs I started hearing some. Then after the 2nd morning I woke to near perfect recovery. I feel if you get on a strong doss of steroids right away you got a really good chance of full recovery. The second doctor told me he has really good success this way.
I have always had congenital nerve loss so I decided to buy some open fit aids from America Hears and love them! Now looking at also getting Be-9 by ReSound but was told to wait until they improve them some more.