Sudden Hearing Loss / Meniere's disease?

I’ve always had problems with hearing in my left ear since I was a teen. I developed tinnitus and lost most of the hearing in my left ear around the age of 35, and purchased a Kirkland 7.0 HA several years ago. I only use it maybe once a month, so the fact that the batteries go bad after only using them for a few hours sucks. In the last few years, I’ve developed tinnitus in my right ear too. I also have an earth shaking / vertigo feeling sometimes when I’m stressed, which I believe is due to issues with my inner right ear. A few days ago, I had the shaking vertigo feeling and woke up the next morning and felt like I had water in my right ear. It’s been two days and the feeling has not gone away, and I can hear a low base tone in my right ear when my teeth click or when I walk. According to Google, I might have meniere’s disease. Apparently there is no cure for meniere’s disease, so is it even worth paying for a doctors visit, or should I finally get a second hearing aid?

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Sure sounds like you need to see an ENT doctor to stop guessing.
Then you will know what to do and what’s happening.
Good luck

Yah, I know i should, but I don’t have insurance, and don’t want to pay a doctor $100+ just to tell me I’m getting old.

I have menieres disease. It causes extreme, as in falling down dizziness. Looks like room is spinning. And you start throwing up. I’ve crawled to the bathroom many times to throw up. Almost completely deaf in my left ear. These are the worst symptoms. Might want to see a ent to find out what is going on. Good luck.

Anytime you experience a sudden hearing loss you should see an ENT immediately! Sometimes they can restore at least some of your hearing by prescribing Prednisone or Medrol. But the longer you wait the less likely that those steroids will help. I’d say call an ENT office and INSIST that you be seen that same day. If they won’t see you then call another one, then another one until you can be seen immediately. Maybe a university audiology department.
Maybe you do have Meniere’s and there’s nothing they could do anyway. But if it’s something that CAN be treated, you might only have s couple of days until that treatable hearing loss becomes permanent. That would be tragic. Good luck.

As a former Meniers sufferer I can assure you that Meniers can sometimes burnout and I quote; “the symptoms can vary in their intensity and duration from one attack to another. The disease can continue in this unpredictable fashion for several years and will often " burn out " after a period of 8-10 years. In the process of " burning out ", vertigo will tend to become less severe and less frequent”. This was exactly how things panned out for me and in the process Meniers took most of my residual hearing with it, but not the severe Tinnitus unfortunately! I have slight but occasional balance problems and I consider myself to be very fortunate to be free of all the other symptoms. Good luck on your journey, you have my sympathy and empathy for your situation in equal measure… Cheers Kev.

Just a quick update. I got a prescription for Prednisone about 6 days after the sudden hearing loss. I’ve been taking it as prescribed for a week now with no noticeable return of hearing. I’ll retest my hearing next week and see if there has been any improvement. On the plus side, my seborrheic dermatitis has gone away since I started taking Prednisone. I’ve read that it may return once I stop taking it though.