Sudden hearing loss in one ear and then the other ear

Hello everyone, I’m new here.

I had a sudden hearing loss in my right ear on Dec. 2020. I went through all the treatments, prednisone, antibiotics and ear injections but my hearing did not recover. I had no dizziness when it happened just muffled sound and tinnitus. I got an MRI and it was normal. ENT said it was possibly caused by a virus.

So for months I went through really bad side effects from prednisone. I believe that’s what caused it but not sure. I had random pains all over my body, stomach pains, hot flashes, anxiety and panic attacks. I though I was gonna die.

Thank god earlier this year all my bad symptoms got better. So I decide to try a hearing aid for my right ear in May. I got the KS10 hearing aid at Costco. I wear it for a couple of days and it was loud and both ears were ringing. I stopped wearing it and noticed I lost hearing in my good left ear. I went to the ENT and got a shot in my left ear, but no improvement. Blood tests and everything appears to be normal.

I wonder if anyone else had sudden loss go from one ear to the other? Also, is it coincidental that my good ear went out because of the bad ear was amplified or another virus attack? I got some really bad luck.

I’m really scared for future sudden hearing losses.

Are you sure you still had normal hearing in the good ear? Because if you didn’t maybe having good hearing in the bad ear made your brain realize you were not hearing well as you thought.

You do realize that hearing aids that are too loud will either be adjusted by the brain over time or can be adjusted by the audiologist or fitter

It was normal in my good ear. I had hearing tests before and after the incident. It’s similar to my bad ear now which is a ski slope high frequency loss.

Yes, I understand that. It’s just I got the loss at the same time I used the hearing aid. I thought it was my brain overcompensating. I stopped wearing the aid and sadly it never reverted back to normal.