Sudden hearing loss.. in both ears?


I’m 24 y/o female. 16 days ago i got a feeling of fullness in my left ear. It happened while i was in the shower so i figured i have water trapped in my ear. The next day, I also started to have double vision while looking to the left and started to feel a bit dizzy. I made an appointment at my family doctor, but sadly had to wait a week and a half for it. He referred me to the ear, nose and throat doctor, where they found hearing loss of 60 dB in my left ear. My right ear was fine. By running some test at the neurologyst, they said it’s probably only a problem with my ear (i still have to do MRI, which i sadly have to wait 3 months for), so they sent me back to ENT doctor, which gave me dexamethason injection in my left ear. It’s been 4 days since I got the injection and my hearing didn’t improve (yet). But the day after the injection, I started to notice something like an echo of my voice in my right ear, which was also present in my left when the problem first appeared. I don’t have any feeling of fullness in the ear, tho. I’m not sure if the same problem is starting to occure in my right ear, or I just have a feeling of my voice sounding really loud and echo-y in my right ear, since I can’t hear it at all in my left. Did anybody have the same problem? Is it even possible for sudden hearing loss to happen in both ears, two weeks apart?
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.



I am in the medical field, a to be ENT.

When it comes to hearing, these are emergency like situations. Time is of the essence to slow down any damage from occurring. Damage is typically slowed by steroids. You should be aggressive with the ENT scheduling department. People cancel their appointments or don’t show up all the time. They have the ability to triage more important situations. You should ask your ENT if another steroid injection is appropriate on the first ear, and now especially on the other side. Sometimes a series of 3 injections can be done, but that is based on a number of factors. Go first thing tomorrow morning. A lot of ENT offices won’t turn away walk ins.



Thank you. I will go for a check up. I hope you don’t mind me asking you another question. Today I noticed that if i put my finger between my tragus and antitragus on the right ear (the one that was supposed to be healthy) and pull downwards/towards my face, the echo-y sound of my voice dissapears. Could it be that the problem in this ear lies somewhere else, or do you think the same thing is ocurring again?

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Too hard to say: I recommend seeing your doctor, and again, don’t take “can’t see you until next week” crap. If needed, go somewhere else. Going to the ED should be avoided as you need a specialist. Call back later to see if there are cancellations, etc. If they give you too much of a hard time (the front desk), ask to speak to a nurse, who can help triage you in.



@mnb.c4, I’m not sure where you’re getting your medical care, but waiting 3 months for an MRI is not acceptable, based on your symptoms. If you are having dizziness, blurred vision, and sudden hearing loss, you should be having a brain scan, just to rule out anything like a brain tumor, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc. Your primary care doctor should be pushing this for you. Be your own advocate, and push to get the MRI sooner. If not, go to major health center-affiliated ER and tell them the severity of ALL your symptoms, not just the hearing loss. Wishing you better health (and better health care).



Yeah, it’s frustrating. Sadly, everybody has to wait that long. They ruled out stroke, tumors, brain bleeding, the only thing I have to do an MRI for, is multiple sclerosis, which is not considered an emergency (since it’s not even treatable), so I don’t think I would get it any sooner. My friend couldn’t feel the whole left side of her body and was having problems with her vision, but they still made her wait that long.



I comply richnfamus1 that sudden changes like this are emergencies. If a professional football player had this happen, he would be rushed to the emergency department and have an MRI done right away. I hate the way they treat us lesser people (especially the elderly) in such an off-handed manner that we should be discarded and ignored or put on hold for long periods of time. You could very well have suffered a minor concussion at at some point but whatever it is, it should not be taken lightly.



Does the echo go away when you lie down?



I agree with you, @Gramps ! :slight_smile: It’s unfortunate that, in today’s healthcare world, patients have to advocate for themselves–and it’s only going to get worse.

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Oh yes, actually if i lie on my back, there is no echo. I went to my family doctor yesterday, I wanted him to send me to the ORL again, but since my double vision also got worse, he sent me to the eye clinic. He first wanted to send me back to neurology clinic, but since they excluded everything apart from ms, he changed his mind. The eye doctor said my eyes are fine. But the strange thing is that while I was at the eye clinic, after the doctor examined my eyes, my double vision went away, or at least got better by 90%. It came back earlier, but I noticed that if I try to relax my eye muscles, it goes away again. So it seems like I’m straining my eye muscles and as a result, I’m getting double vision. Could that be because of sleep deprivation and stress? I have an 11 month old daughter and she is waking up every 1-2 hours since she was born, so I’m really sleep deprived.
I’m still worried about my other ear, tho. I don’t want to lose hearing on both of my ears at the age of 24. But so far, I seem to hear just fine with that ear. The only problem is the echo that I’ve been hearing for 6 days now. I’m guessing if sudden hearing loss would start to happen again, I would already lose some hearing by now?



You need to get a handle on that sleep situation. Especially with a new baby. Sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of problems. Also there might not be a cure for MS, but there are treatments. It’s tricky because it can go into remission on its own --have they ruled out migraines? They don’t all manifest with headaches.



Believe me, I’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to help her sleep longer. She usually falls back asleep fairly quickly, but that’s still keeping me from getting uninterrupted sleep.
I asked my doctor about the posibility of me having migraines, but he said it’s unlikely, since they usually don’t last more than a week. I also asked him for a blood test, because I’m wondering if it’s maybe my thyroid gland, since my mother had problems with it as well, and i’m also very skinny ( 167cm, 43kg), even tho I eat a lot. He kinda brushed that off as unlikely too and didn’t get me a blood test.



Disclaimer, not a doctor.

Sounds like patulous eustachian tube. It can sometimes occur after a rapid weight loss, which given that you’ve just had a child perhaps you’ve had. However, I’d also bet that it could have been brought on by the intratympatic steroid injection. It’s annoying, but it’s not dangerous and it’s not an indicator that you are about to get sudden hearing loss in the other ear. Cross your fingers that it will just clear up in a few months on its own, and if not there may be some potential treatments.

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I am not a parent, and although I am hearing impaired it did not happen suddenly. But I do suffer from migraines, and I do have sympathy for your situation. I wish I could be of some assistance, but it appears that I can’t.

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Yes! I googled the sypmtoms and it really seems that that is the problem. It also goes away if i bend down parallel to the ground, which is typical for PET. Thank you so much for your help.