Sudden further hearing loss in new hearing aid wearer


I finally got hearing aids three months ago to deal with loss that I believe had occurred gradually over many years. I’ve been very happy I addressed this situation.

Two nights ago I was watching TV and noticed I couldn’t hear out of my right ear as well, and it felt occluded. I thought it was the aid at first, but changing wax traps and domes had no effect. I went to my ENT the next day who thinks it’s viral and immediately started me on prednisone. She has me going to take another hearing test this morning to see what the current baseline is. I feel like I’ve already has some improvement (guess I will never know) so it’s good I got on the steroid immediately.

It just seems very odd that something like this would happen only 3 months after I started wearing hearing aids. Likely a coincidence - yes. But is there any chance that starting to wear hearing aids could be connected with additional sudden hearing loss?



I can’t answer about the connection to hearing aids, but you should have an MRI to rule out an Acoustic Neuroma. I have one and it causes hearing loss in one ear (unilateral hearing loss). It can be sudden or gradual.



Hi chazas

Hi I’ve just read your experience and uncannily sounds like the one I’ve had just recently. After a lifetime of struggling and also ignorance I finally got and am using aids which I got 3-4 months ago. Have always struggled but managed and don’t ever remember not having this noise in my head 24/7. As well I do remember having for a short time sudden almost total deafness and the tinnitus would up it to siren levels. It always went to normal so no worries. Anyway regarding your concerns my audio and others using the forum have convinced me that aids won’t further add to the problem but some find they think it has worsened after taking them out. My concern was that everything seemed so loud I wondered if that could damage hearing further but now after a few months all sounds good. However about 8/10 days ago I suddenly couldn’t hear anything at all in my right ear even with my aids turned right up. unlike before the tinnitus didn’t change at all. As it was start of weekend I decided to wait til Monday as had no pain and didn’t feel like I had an infection but had a feeling like it was stuffed with cotton wool or like it just needed to pop. Anyway very gradually it’s started to come back not long after and no seems like it was before. I did panick at first tho having only recently been able watch to and go to the cinema without having to use guesswork or get headache trying to ttranslate the Donald Duck speak to English language. I was concerned that if same happened in the other ear I’d be totally deaf. I’ve got an appointment with audio Monday so I’ll ask what could cause this and just my concern as it was different and longer than when the tinnitus would scream at me. I hope you get on ok and should check for any infection or consition that may have caused yours but as for aids making things worse there is no need to worry.

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Wow, sounds like what happened to me, but I wasn’t patient enough to wait and see if it resolved on its own. I had a new audiogram done today, while I feel things are better than yesterday there was still a significant sudden loss.

If the steroids don’t help I’ll make sure to bring up the neuroma question.



I can’t think of a mechanism by which this would happen.



That’s what I figured, but the timing is just so odd. Anyway, I can tell I’m improving. Yesterday morning before the audiogram I had to turn up the right hearing aid volume 2 clicks. By late afternoon, I turned it down to 1 click up. This morning they’re both even again.

My other tests are the loudness of the noise when brushing my finger across the speaker (about the same now) and wind noise (couldn’t hear it in the right ear Thursday, now I can). Fingers crossed.