Sudden Drop of Battery Life in Right Oticon Epoq? Why?

I was wondering if any one had this issue, and what the solution may be. My right Oticon Epoq XW started to run through batteries a lot quicker, going from at least 8 days to about 4 days. The left one still has the same autonomy. They have not been reprogrammed or anything. Why is one HA suddenly becoming a power hog? Thanks so much for any input.

Maybe a bad batch of batteries? You try another package of batteries?

I thought of that, but it only affects the right hearing aid. So it appears to be the HA.

Hi Zenon,

This is something that happens to a lot of hearing aids from time to time, and I’m not quite sure why. Unfortunately it will require a trip to the factory for “excessive drain.”

Maybe your worse ear so requires more power which then drains the battery faster?!

Yes, it is something specific to the hearing aid. Is it within warranty? It sounds like it needs to be sent in for repair for excessive drain/eating batteries.

Thank you for the feedback. I will take them in then. The HA are about five years old, and see a lot of sweat as I’m an avid biker. That could be an issue.

Get a dry n store, that would solve your problems and cut down on the repair bill.

I, too have been struggling with the build quality of my recent pair of Oticon Ino Pro’s. I have had them in a total of 9 times in the last 16 months for what you describe. Oticon just swaps out with new device. No causes or recommendations. When my dispenser presses them for info they can’t give a reason. I am worried that it will continue past my warranty and I will be stuck. I dry them daily in a Serene with heat, UV and desiccant. Thankfully have a pair of 10 year old Oticon Atlas as backup. Good luck.