Sudden deaf with scary whoosing sound when I move

I have a “whooshing” sound 10-20 times a minute every time I turn my head or walk. It has me really worried. I don’t think it sounds like “pusatile tinnitus” from what I read [throbbing, etc] on “”. Instead it lasts for 1/4 of a second to 1 second - and makes me feel like I’m passing out for that short period.

Background: Suddenly went profoundly deaf in that ear 6 weeks ago. I now have tinnitus and lots of strange sounds in that ear. The tinnitus is not new - having had it for 12 years in both ears along with vertigo on/off.

Maybe the whooshing is nothing to worry about. I know that with Sudden Deafness some odd sounds in that dead ear are to be expected - like chriping, tones, buzzing - all of which I have. But - this “whoosh” has me concerned. I have asked two ENTs/otolarynglolgists, a neurologist, two Dr. of Audiology and get nothing but blank stares. If this symptom is just annoying - then I can just learn to ignore it - and start adjusting to it. I just want to be sure it isn’t something serious like a warning sign for a stroke - or whatever.

Has anybody out there experienced something like this too?

[background: immediately after the sudden deafness, I underwent prednizone treatment, CT Scans, lots of audio testing. Drs. suspect that it was either a blockage of the small artery supplying the cochlea or a reaction to a medication I had just started 2 hours before it hit - or some junk floating in the blood stream from the 6 stents and “roto-rootering” I had 2 weeks before. T prediction is permanent complete hearing loss. Unfortunately, the remaining “good” ear isn’t so good either. I got a hearing aid today (Oticon) for that ear today and have high hopes for it].

Sorry if I sound like a miserable hypochondriac. I’m just a bit freaked out - and have never been down this road before. Thanks for any input you have.

I’ve been having whooshing lately myself, more than “usual”. I think it might be my sinuses, so I started taking an OTC decongestion and it seems to help - key word - seems. I don’t have any pain or discomfort in either my ears or my sinuses, but I know my sinuses are more “active” right now, so I’m guessing the whooshing is fluid moving around.

Aren’t these phantom sounds wondeful (though the whooshing may not be phantom)?:eek:

I have something very simular going on. It happens most often when waking up in the morning and when starting to dose off at night, but I do get it during the day also and seems like more often when I haven’t had enough sleep.
Like you said it’s very scarey not knowing what it is. Sometimes I wonder if I have a brain tumor or something. I have mentioned it to a few doctors and they haven’t a clue.
I do not have any hearing loss, however I do have tinnitus and I don’t go a minute of the day without hearing a constant hissing and ringing I can live with that. But the “Wooshing” sound is different, seems like if it lasted longer I would probably passout or something. It’s very sudden and only last a split second.
Have you heard anything new about your “Wooshing” sound?


Conway, I think you meant to “address” your post to rik-o-the-nord.

I still think my whooshing is sinus related, so I haven’t bothered taking the time to go to my ENT, since it’s not bothering me that much and is more sporatic than what y’all are describing. I never feel like I’m going to pass out, either.
I hope you both feel better soon.

hi, just browsing as i also get this split second whooshing noise as i look left to right or visa versa, must add that 8 months ago i had a cervical anterior discectomy, would like to hear of similar