Sudden Changes/Advice Needed

I’ve had my hearing aids for about two months and in that short time period my hearing ability has decreased necessitating reprogramming of my Beltone Edge2 OTE’s. While the reconfiguration was successful in that I can hear better my own voice now sounds as if I’m in a tunnel.

What could cause this and what should I do to rectify the situation.


if you have a progressing hearing loss
maybe it is a good idea to visit an ENT


Even though the original ENT did little to nothing other than come in and back up the extremely expensive sales pitch by his “independent audiologist”. I technically have been seen by an ENT.

The provider I am now seeing retested my initial tests at the time of my initial fitting. His results were a mirror image of the ENT’s guy. So with that said, I believe that my faith in this Master Tech or whatever his title is is justified.

I know that I’ve possibly said a whole lotta nothing. But anyway, do you still think I should see the ENT due to the sudden hearing decrease? Have you ever had a patient experience such a sudden decrease? If so, what could the case be?

Thanks for your help.

Sudden hearing losses should always be followed up by an ENT ASAP, as certain sudden losses can be caused by potentially health affecting reasons. In addition, some sudden losses can also be treated with steroids and other medications.

Thus, just trusting your audi/dispenser is not the best advice, unless they are telling you to also see an ENT.

Once the reason for the sudden losses are determined, then the course of action should be looked at.

As for causes, there are many causes that are familial, environmental and sometimes caused by medications (ototoxic).

Yes my dispenser suggested that I see my ENT. Thank you for the advice. I will be on the phone with my ENT’s office in the morning.

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This should be a concern

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