Successor to Jabra A7010 and JX10 Hub

Hi All,

I am looking into ordering a bluetooth hub for my workplace. I currently use a Phonak BTE and iCom. When ordering the Jabra A7010 Hub, we were told that the product is being discontinued. We were told the same thing for the JX10.

We may be able to get one towards the end of the year, but still, this begs the larger question as to why the products are being discontinued. Does anyone know the reason for this? Is the product no good? Is there no interest? Or, are they coming out with a newer hub??

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


The A7010 is anything but faulty. I’ve been using mine for the better part of the year on a multiline digital phone at my office and it is beautiful. I’ve never had a problem with it, and hearing the phone calls in stereo directly into my YES IX’s is fantastic. I can hear over my partners on their speaker phones even … though the customers sometimes complain about hearing them as well as I think all 3 of them are half deaf and try to drown each other out <LOL>.

I use the Jabra every day and it works great with one exception, if I had linked to my cell then the Jabra disconnects. Kind of difficult to get back again, then my cell wont work. i.e. it doesn’t switch back and forth very easy. Anyway, I just got one two weeks ago through my company.