Successful Programming of KS8s using Noahlink Wireless

Excuse my ignorance here z10user2, but I don’t know the meaning of “insltu”. When I google it, I just get the name of some company. Can you explain a little more what you mean here?

Insltu means a hearing test the software can perform, I believe, correct me if I’m wrong.

In Connexx, under First Fit, there’s a few things that show up on the bottom right. You can’t do anything with them until the aids are connected. They call it InSituGram. The suffix “gram” suggests to me the resultant chart. Anyway…you can indeed run your own kind of hearing test here. Then you get the insitugram. Then you can tell the software to use it and it will override (not overwrite) the original audiogram.

Having tinnitus, I could take my time adjusting the volumes to really ascertain that it’s the tone I’m hearing. Then I set it to the moment I can hear the tone.

Keep in mind…doing a first fit changes everything.
Nice that your fitter didn’t seem to care. I never did get around to asking. I just stopped going and did it anyway. And besides, they’re 2 hours away anyway.

Thanks, that helps a lot. I should of figured this out: I had two years of Latin in high school…

I have also found a very nice Connexx 8 First Fit tutorial. I am also exploring OVP (on voice processing). Other Silvantos HAs have it, so I’m hoping KS8s can be set up that way. My voice is extremely low (deep bass) so I’m hoping it works (so my voice doesn’t get confused with the AC…). Any others here know if the KS8s can be programmed for OVP?

A couple of questions about insitugram and First Fit: I have connected using Noahlink Wireless and Connexx 8 software. The only thing I have done so far is to upload my current HA settings (the new HA firmware was also installed when I connected). So far I haven’t put in my audiogram settings.

  1. Can I still do First Fit since/after I have done the above?
  2. Will the Insitugram function also set the HAs to the proper volume?
  3. After it is completed, will it let me choose to use it over my current settings?

Thanks for any help!

  1. Yes. But it’ll blow out your current settings.
  2. It has an effect…but proper?..don’t know. Until there’s affordable REM gear we can’t know.
  3. Since you’ve saved the fitter settings then yes…you can switch between the two. My experience was that restoring back to the original settings didn’t seem right. I attributed that to not having the original audiogram and set up as the original fitter had. But I could very well be wrong.

Like I said, when I decided to plunge in and start everything fresh, I no longer cared about the original settings.

When I connected for the first time (and every time) it gave me the option of reading out the settings on the hearing aids. When I did that it showed me the current settings. It had the audiogram and I eventually did a First Fit, which wiped out everything, including the programs I had set up. Only takes a minute to add the programs back.

Don, when you say “it wiped out everything, even the programs you set up” are you referring to the changes you made? I have only read and saved the original readings from the hearing aids. So if I mess around with First Fit, I can restore those original readings?

Yes, it appeared to use First Fit settings, which sounds logical, and had program 1 only. You can open a saved session with whatever settings were in that saved session. At least, that is my understanding. I haven’t had to open a session like that. I always read out the devices and go from there. It is so easy to make adjustments that I may never open a previous session.

Doing a First Fit to correct the connection type, from vented click sleeve to closed mold, and seeing that it wiped out the settings was the only big surprise. Everything else seems pretty intuitive. And easy. I added back the programs, and added another TV program so I have one with Bandwidth Compression and one without, lowered overall gain from first fit, a few db, moved the Bandwidth Compressions down a bit to 1.75 - 3.50 because my hearing really goes south well before 4k, and upped soft speech in program 1.

It seems really spot on now. I have a fit issue to deal with and hopefully that will get resolved this week.

Is your Costco fitter aware that you are programming your own aids - and do they object. Mine appears to be OK with that. You are much braver than me: you’re becoming an expert! You would think I wouldn’t be so cautious - I think I was the first engineer in Indiana (where I lived then) to design a microprocessor into a product (early 70s). I am in general a risk taker…

Not an expert, just an interested amateur. It is not too hard though.

Being able to do my own changes, then change again, then undo, then try something else, is a game-changer. I could never get that many adjustments with my pro.

@Don, I made major changes with Connexx 8 to my hearing aids: added a music program, added mT (new telecoil program) and moved programs around. Everything works ok, but when I go into the Android app, it shows all the new changes except it doesn’t give me independent control of HA volumes. All the program names have changed the way I specified. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, now I have individual volume control capability, but my program names were the old ones. Is there a setting I missed when I programmed my aids? I tried repairing my aids, no luck.

Under Configuration/Instrument you’ll see an icon with a red and a blue square and a yellow chain link thing. That is the de-couple button.
Whether clicking that in any screen makes it global I don’t remember.
I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to raise/lower both at the same time but I’ve been surprised at other things in this business.

Thanks! I’ll try that. My hearing changes periodically because a congestion issue in my left ear so sometimes I need to compensate,

Didn’t help. I looked everywhere else for the decouple indicator. It shows everything decoupled.

I am scheduled to go back to my Costco fitter tomorrow. I’ll let him load in my previous Costco settings and see if he knows what I did wrong.

Good advice. My fitter seems to be very comfortable with me adjusting my aids, but I changed it back to the original settings. If anyone has any advice about making sure the volume stays in a mode where the controls remain separated I would appreciate it. Back in old, old days I could just do a Vdiff on two files to see what changed. Anyhow, I’m back where I was (old programs and volume controls working separately). Thanks for the advice that many users gave me, but none seemed to work.

Good for you! I know I had to uninstall and reinstall when I added a program, but there is probably a way to get the programs in the app updated without doing that.

I would think there is a way to decouple for the app, but I don’t know how.

Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t work for me. I ended up going back to the original settings. I then made only one small change: I changed one of the programs to a music program. I’m now going to take baby steps now.