Successful Programming of KS8s using Noahlink Wireless

Finally! I bought a Noahlink Wireless and connected to my KS8s. It found them right away and even updated the firmware of the HAs. Thanks to MDB for pointing out that the programs can be linked or unlinked (allowing changes in one program without affecting the others). I have a program 6 (which I never use) and my plan is to make careful changes to only that program now to get some experience.


Actually that is the only thing I have done so far. I’m being v-v-ery careful. Thanks for the good advice.

If I make a change (call it session 2), how do I go back to what was in session 1? Just click on session 1? Will it then load the setting from that session?

Yes indeed…

You might have seen that I have started programming my HAs with Connexx8. I have one question. Are my entries (sessions) visible to anyone else (for example - Costco) or is it private? I haven’t made any changes yet, just saved my settings.

There is a reporting function that they can see how you’ve used your aids. Hours of day, program changes, volume changes, automatic mode sensing. If you put in your own settings then they’ll see that it doesn’t line up with what they have in THEIR Connexx8.
I had the same concerns and then I said ah screw it. I just haven’t been back to Costco for adjustments.

Are you saying that Costco can see any changes I’ve made? I haven’t made any changes yet, only upgraded my hearing aids.

I guess I made the mistake of putting in my real name…

I would say that even that could be noticed by them. If they have a negative response to anything you’re doing then leave them behind. It ain’t rocket science.
I fretted over it all too until I said screw it.

I went to Costco today to make an appointment to have my hearing tested. I have been taking an allergy medication that significantly improved the hearing in my left ear. While I was there I “confessed” that I have acquired the setup to adjust my KS8s. He was surprised, but not upset. He even told me about some additional software that would work with Connexx8 that would put my audiogram directly into Connexx8. It is called “Otosuite”. I’ll check it out, but probably will continue to put in the audiogram manually. Do any of you reading this know: if I input a new audiogram, will Connexx8 change any settings automatically?

I think it would just trigger a first fit re-calc indication. Not make changes on its own. The insitu overrides the audiogram anyway.
I used sound muffling earmuffs (not great super duper safety grade ones) to run through the insitu.

Excuse my ignorance here z10user2, but I don’t know the meaning of “insltu”. When I google it, I just get the name of some company. Can you explain a little more what you mean here?

Insltu means a hearing test the software can perform, I believe, correct me if I’m wrong.

In Connexx, under First Fit, there’s a few things that show up on the bottom right. You can’t do anything with them until the aids are connected. They call it InSituGram. The suffix “gram” suggests to me the resultant chart. Anyway…you can indeed run your own kind of hearing test here. Then you get the insitugram. Then you can tell the software to use it and it will override (not overwrite) the original audiogram.

Having tinnitus, I could take my time adjusting the volumes to really ascertain that it’s the tone I’m hearing. Then I set it to the moment I can hear the tone.

Keep in mind…doing a first fit changes everything.
Nice that your fitter didn’t seem to care. I never did get around to asking. I just stopped going and did it anyway. And besides, they’re 2 hours away anyway.

Thanks, that helps a lot. I should of figured this out: I had two years of Latin in high school…

I have also found a very nice Connexx 8 First Fit tutorial. I am also exploring OVP (on voice processing). Other Silvantos HAs have it, so I’m hoping KS8s can be set up that way. My voice is extremely low (deep bass) so I’m hoping it works (so my voice doesn’t get confused with the AC…). Any others here know if the KS8s can be programmed for OVP?

A couple of questions about insitugram and First Fit: I have connected using Noahlink Wireless and Connexx 8 software. The only thing I have done so far is to upload my current HA settings (the new HA firmware was also installed when I connected). So far I haven’t put in my audiogram settings.

  1. Can I still do First Fit since/after I have done the above?
  2. Will the Insitugram function also set the HAs to the proper volume?
  3. After it is completed, will it let me choose to use it over my current settings?

Thanks for any help!

  1. Yes. But it’ll blow out your current settings.
  2. It has an effect…but proper?..don’t know. Until there’s affordable REM gear we can’t know.
  3. Since you’ve saved the fitter settings then yes…you can switch between the two. My experience was that restoring back to the original settings didn’t seem right. I attributed that to not having the original audiogram and set up as the original fitter had. But I could very well be wrong.

Like I said, when I decided to plunge in and start everything fresh, I no longer cared about the original settings.

When I connected for the first time (and every time) it gave me the option of reading out the settings on the hearing aids. When I did that it showed me the current settings. It had the audiogram and I eventually did a First Fit, which wiped out everything, including the programs I had set up. Only takes a minute to add the programs back.

Don, when you say “it wiped out everything, even the programs you set up” are you referring to the changes you made? I have only read and saved the original readings from the hearing aids. So if I mess around with First Fit, I can restore those original readings?