Success stories about SSNHL?

What do you call “an extended period of time”? :confused:

Read my post about eating low carb … i had a noticeable improvement 5 months after suffering SSNHL. :smiley:

Im sorry but 5 months isn’t really a long time. If you’re going to recover at all from this type of hearing loss it happens within the first year and most of the time the recovery is from nothing in particular, not wonder diets. I have yet to find someone like myself who has had this issue for years who has even remotely improved as a result of diets, treatments or hippie remedies.

No need to be sorry … obviously there is no way to tell if my hearing improved on its’ own or as a result of the low carb diet … and i don’t care either way as i am just very happy it improved.

But … i was status quo for months … then within 5 weeks of going low carb i noticed a dramatic improvement in my bad ear and a small improvement in my good ear.

The very first known low carb diet resulted in an improvement in hearing for that person as well.

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