Study uncovers hair cell loss as the major cause of presbycusis

Turns out that age-related hearing loss is caused by the same type of damage as noise-induced hearing loss- namely loss of sensory hair cells in the cochlea. It was previously thought that presbycusis was caused by damage to the stria vascularis. This is of more than just academic interest because there is a reasonable hope that treatments will be developed to restore hair cells. There are no treatments for damage to the stria vascularis under development.


So, is this why my puretone responses are stable (more or less), my word recognition scores are plummeting? (age 65)

Two possible causes of falling wrs but stable audiogram that I know of. The first is cochlear synaptopathy (damage to the synaptic junction between cochlear hair cells and the auditory nerve). The second is hearing loss in the extra high frequencies that aren’t normally covered in a standard hearing test.

The answer to your question is probably ‘partially’.

You would think that after 40 years of using hearing aids, that I would know more about my hearing. The VA says that isn’t all that bad, however; they do have a vested interest in saying that. If they say my hearing is horrible, they would have to compensate me for it. As it is, they give me free hearing aids and batteries. They don’t seem to be helping that much in the last 5 years. Am considering having a non VA audiologist analyse my hearing to see how bad things really are and to see if my current hearing aids are appropriate…

You might get a CI evaluation. It consists of more detailed tests than the typical hearing tests.
Word and sentence understanding can be very different from what your audiogram represents. Lots of stuff going on in the middle. So many variables.

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That is the other hot topic on my mind. How bad does your hearing have to be to be considered for Cochlear implant? Is it based on pure tone or word recognition? Who qualifies? I am kinda in a bad place with not knowing what I should. Not hearing very well anyway, but it really stinks right now with everyone wearing a mask…

If your audiogram fits in the yellow it is within Medicare guidelines. There is more but this is a start to understanding where you are concerning a CI in the US.

No part of the audiogram may leave the yellow? BTW, thanks for taking the time to help…