Study on Adapting to Hearing Aids ($70 Amazon GC for participation)


Hello All-

I am helping a well-known hearing aid manufacturer conduct a study which is attempting to decrease the adjustment period for wearing hearing aids. We are seeking US based adults who have been wearing hearing aids for less than 1 year, and use a smartphone app to connect their phone to their hearing aid. Study is a simple 30 minute videoconference (on Skype or Zoom) where you will be asked questions about your experience with your hearing aids. $70 Amazon Giftcard will be presented shortly after the completion of the study.

Email me directly at and I will send you the link to sign up. Registration deadline is Monday, January 14th. Thank you!

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Thank you to those who have responded so far! Still seeking a few more candidates for the study. Need to be US based, been wearing hearing aids for less than 1 year, use a smartphone app to connect with your hearing aids, and also 50 yrs or older. $70 Amazon gift card awarded to participants after completion. Email me directly at and I will send you the link to sign up. Thanks!



For anyone considering whether they want to do this, I participated and it was an interesting experience. The questions helped me reflect on my own adjustment since first receiving hearing aids in September 2018.


This could mean either just a control app or also adding audio streaming. More clarity would be useful.
And once again no one else exists on this planet but US’ians. Sigh.


Just got done with my chat at 645. Woman who interviewed me was great


My wife participated in the study last evening and it was an enjoyable experience for her. She said, if what she shared can help someone else she would have done it for free.


Has anyone who’s participated received their Amazon gift card? We’re still waiting.


I’m still waiting also. I talked to them on 1/11 and got an email on 1/12 that said it could be “up to 5 business days” for the gift card to “go through.”


What if I tested a set that had these capabilities and didn’t purchase them going another route?


You have to want to adapt that is the key. Then you have to find the Audi that is wilyto listen more than talk. And you have to stick with it u til you find the correct aid fittings that work for you. Most of all never except anyone else’s opinion as gospel


I emailed them today

Hi Gary,

Thank you contacting us regarding your missing compensation.

We have sent the order to our supplier today, but unfortunately as you live in the US it takes 1-3 days for the voucher to arrive in you inbox.

Apologize for the misguided information in the previous message.

Have a wonderful day.

De bedste hilsner / Kind regards

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Got my amazon gift card today


I got my Amazon certificate today too. Also, as those who’ve been receiving these emails already know, this was an Oticon study.


Kim got hers 3 days ago. Took longer than we expected but it’s all good.