Stress and Ear Infections

Can stress leads to frequent ear infections?

Yikes. Not that i can think of… I mean chronic stress can lead to immunity exhaustion because cortisol level affect reproduction of cells. But usually chronic stress is bad for heart, diabetes, cancer and asthma. I dont see how ear infections come in…

Now ear infections can be helped by drinking 2.5 to 3 liters of water to liquify secretions, doing nasale saline rinses with seringes, blowing ur nose, staying away from smokers.

Is there are particular reason u think its stressed induced?

cause for the last two years I had frequent eye infections due to stress. Every single time i had a test coming up I had eye infections. Now, I am having frequent ear infections. I need to find ways how to cope with stress. Any advice?

Lol. :slight_smile: If there was a miracle i think we would have less sick ppl. That’s a hard one
1- meditation. Have u tried that. I don’t know the translation for it bus called in French pleine conscience.

2 - sports au least 3 times a week. Gets endorphins going

3- less caffeine

4 - getting a right amount of sleep!! Routine is important

5 - therapist?

6 - meds

This would be worth seeing an ent. Maybe you have a colonisation of pathogenic bacteria.

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Just a few questions back at you:
1.) Do you wear any hearables in your ears, ear plugs, foam plugs or such?
2.) What is the nature of your “infection”? Is it otitis (flaky material in ear canal), redness/burning?
3.) Do you have a habit of putting your finger in your ears or trying to clean them with a Q-tip?

It’s true that STRESS can lower one’s immune system, but it would be very unusual for highly localized infections to crop up without some other irritant.

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I wear earbuds the one they offer at the apple store. I guess I did not sanitize before I use them. Since my ears are too small it is best for me to use supra-aural headphones. It does not cause to much pressure. My mistake was I did not take breaks from using it. Every time I touch my ear it is swollen and tender. Sometimes I feel and lots of pressure. It is uncomfortable. I do not think is otitis media. I do not have drainage, a cold or a fever. Usually otitis media is for those people who have a common cold or a fever. My appointment is tomorrow and am going to the ENT. My guess is I have a feeling he is going to say that I have otitis externa./swimmer ear. I need to use antibiotics for 7 days only. I need to be careful not to use the steriods for too long. There is short window. If I use it for more than 7 days I would have a chance that it would damage my hair cells and have a possible hearing loss.

hey, im not sure im understanding this. usually an external ear infectiondoes not get to medial ear infection because of drum. swimmers ear, or whatever is all external. unless your drum isperforated or you have a tube in ear drum then they are caused by completely different things. if you suspect that it is an external ear infection, it would be in the ear canal before the ear drum. it can be caused by excessive humidity from swimming, ear phones or ear buds, hearing aids, agressive cleaning with qtip, scratching etc… treatment would then be an antibiotic over the counter can work, but inthe states you seem to not have any over the counter antibiotics. so thats out.

if its internal then the causes are very different. it can be a sinus infection that went up eustachian tube, or a cold or a throat infection. it can be inflammed tubes anything that will make liquid behind ear drum remain and get infected. the treatment inthat case can me sinus rinces done frequently with a saline solution you can make this at home using a 10 cc syring and boiled cooled water 1 cup to 2.5 ml salt. tylenol for pain, and if it gets worse seeing a dr to get antibiotics if he deems it necesary.

i am not a dr but a nurse these are recommendations i give my patients.