Streaming to More than One Aid User

My wife has severe loss in one ear and profound loss in the other which is unaided. She is currently trying a Phonak Audeo B Direct in the severe loss ear and is finding the streaming facility with phone calls very good. We regularly Facetime our family and she would like to be able to use the streaming for this but if she does I am not able to join in as the speakers on her phone are then muted. I also wear aids, though my loss is only mild to moderate. and they are Linx2 9s which can also stream via MFi. We both have iPhones. Does anybody know if is possible to stream to two different aid users at the same time, perhaps via an extra device?

Conference calling with iChat or Skype maybe. Apparently Facetime doesn’t do that yet. Interesting question.

Thanks, might be worth investigating.

I don’t think you’ll be able to do this. Each Bluetooth device has to be paired together. I don’t think there’s anyway to link more than one set of hearing aids to one device via Bluetooth. It would be a good feature.

You might be able to use both your phones and at the other end - either 2 phones or 1 phone and 1 iPad on FaceTime at the same time. i.e. 2 simultaneous FaceTime calls. Probably depend how good your internet connection is both ends. You would need to both be in the same room together so you could hear each other reply and not speak at same time etc. The FaceTime calls may need to be to two different apple accounts.

I found a couple of references for running Facetime on a PC:


Thanks Psocoptera, we tried this this morning but they had problems the other end with feedback between the two phones. I should have told them to mute one of the phones and will suggest that next time we Facetime. Several of the families we contact only have one iphone, however, so can’t use this method with them.

Thanks okra. You are right that Bluetooth can only be paired to one device at a time though I am not sure if this is a hardware limitation or a software design choice. If the latter then perhaps Phonak and other manufacturers could consider providing an option to pair more than one device at a time or at least with sound output I don’t see that it should be a problem to give an option to connect streaming and the speakers simultaneously. Probably both would have reduced volume levels as a result but it might be a useful facility.

If you have the TV device, you should be able to connect it to one of the phones. It is capable of transmitting to 2 sets of aids. A $30 transmitter from Amazon also has this 2 receiver capability.

You would plug the transmitter into one phone. You may need the adapter if it is a recent iPhone without the 3.5mm jack. It can then transmit to both.

When you are done with calling, the transmitter could go on a TV and you both could listen to the TV thru your aids.

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Thanks TexasBob but not sure these sites are secure so reluctant to download the apps on them.

Thanks KenP, we do have the Phonak TV device but my aids are Resound not Phonak and I hear TV well without streaming. But the Amazon transmitter might do the job and our iPhones are older models with the 3.5mm jacks. Would you mind giving more specific details of this device, please. - Have now looked on Amazon and have found the transmitters you are referring to, however not sure they would work with our particular situation as my aids (Resound Linxs) are MFi and don’t accept streaming through standard Bluetooth. If it was possible to keep the speakers on when streaming this would solve our particular problem as I can hear well enough without streaming but I think many people would benefit from dual pairing - manufacturers please note.

We haven’t tried with phones, but we can both listen to TV using a splitter cable to my Phonak Compilot base station and my wife’s Roger Pen base.

Thanks annh, this is a possibility. I don’t have a base unit for my Resound Linxs but could get one and then split the audio out from the iPhone receiving the Facetime call and not use the Audeo B Direct’s streaming capabilities. KenP’s solution might be the cheaper option though.

Many thanks to all who have answered. There are a few suggestions that need further investigation but am coming round to the feeling that the only real solution is down to the manufacturers providing this facility.

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Maybe I’m missing something here but why not just do a conference call with both your phone and your wife’s phone linked into the call? Then you could each stream to your respective hearing aids using your own phones and both be on the same call.

handles dual stream

The OP is after video calling. I agree voice should be easy to conference.

Oops, sorry I missed the fact that they wanted to use Facetime. If they are willing to forgo the video then a conference call should do the trick, however.

Thanks GeekMan but this won’t work with FaceTime.