Streaming through iphone low volumeon one side on left side


i have problem despite sufficient gain given and in normal program i can hear speech but when i start streaming left is volume is so tiny how to adjust or its mfi bug? 11.4 iphone 8 and also tried on iphone 7 plus 11.2 same thing i have to increase sider to treble and than tiny sharp voice withoutvibrancy what problem i should tell to audi?


For streaming, the manufacturer software should have volume adjustments that can make it louder.


yes but its not configurable by iphone. its pain


That is kind of odd. If your hearing aids are adjusted properly, you would think both sides would give you roughly equal sound levels given source material that was equally loud in both right and left channels.

You are going to have to spend time with your audiologist to get this fixed.


half problem solved by wax removal cleanup. but due to my notch loss i have less understanding in left as well loudness difference.