Streaming dropouts with ReSound LiNX and Google Pixel 3

I’m using ReSound LinNX with a Pixel 3 cellphone, routinely listening to Audible audiobooks while walking my dog. I’m getting frequent intermittent dropout on my right ear. The phone is on a breast pocket. Oddly, I don’t get dropout when using the system indoors, even if the phone gets farther away from my hearing aids.

Anybody else getting similar problems? Anyone have any suggestions.

I’ve always been told that Bluetooth works better inside because it bounces off the walls so gives a better signal.

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I’ve experienced the same with my Resound Linx and iPhone X.
When outside and 30 cm space between each other, I get drop outs. Is it possible to power up the Bluetooth connection?

Is it supposed to play in both ears or just one?

I have a cochlear implant and a Resound Linx 3D7 …perhaps this might help

Some Android phones will occasionally sleep the app in the background. When this happens, it will shut down the connection between the hearing aid and the phone. You can change this behavior by going to settings – device care – battery – app power management – apps that won’t be put to sleep – tapping on the “+” – selecting the Smart 3D app – tapping add.

This should help to stabilize the app.

Wish I knew. How to get tech support attention?

OK, replies don’t go under replies.

  1. Wall-bouncing is a good insight. Certainly not available when outside walking.
  2. I don’t know if it is possible to adjust power output of the Bluetooth Low Power on the phone. I wish I knew how to get attention of the appropriate tech support at Google.
  3. I get sound in both left and right hearing aids, but the dropout seems localized to the right side.
  4. Android sleep would not explain loss in one channel and not the other. When the right channel drops out, I even experience higher background noise (because on streaming I have the mike input muted).

I’ve tried to connect my iPhone to only one Resound hearing aid with the result that I no longer have drop outs! With connection to both, I had often drop outs.

I’m no expert but if your getting dropout with only one aid I might suspect the aid

Well, I am an expert in software and firmware development. I know a bug when I see it. The bug is almost certainly due to a marginal Bluetooth signal level. I have found a delicious workaround. I just touch the camera lens on my Pixel 3, where a little paint has chipped off, and metal is exposed. That clears the dropout for a minute or two. Wait and repeat.

I’m also a certified expert in standards development (ANSI X3H3 and ISO WG2/TC3), decades ago, but I have a pretty good idea about marginal digital design. This is what happens when developers are not users of their own designs.