Streaming audio from TV, looking for wireless headphones / earbuds

Hi all… long story short, but I will be without capability of using TV adapter box for my hearing aids (Oticon OPN S1) … anyone have recommendation for a relaively inexpensive wireless headset/earbuds that will stream audio from my TV (Samsung Q80) while still allowing others to hear the audio as well?


I got a loop system for my TV from eBay for £25 which I think is around $35. Best thing I’ve purchased.

Definitely look on eBay as you’ll never know what you’ll find.

How did you set it up?


A cable goes around the room, which plugs into box. Box plugs in to TV (I’ve got an old TV, so used red and white plugs) and then you plug it into mains. I can listen with hearing people still being able to hear the TV.

Costco hearing TV Link is only $99. I have two: one for TV and one for my laptop computer. I have Kirkland KS-10 hearing aids so I don’t know if they would Bluetooth pair with Oticon, but I don’t know why not - I am not a geek:


This won’t work for Oticon Aids. Uses different Bluetooth.

Thanks… SInce I only need something for a couple days (starting today) … ebay wouldn’t work… if I found something it wouldn’t get to me in time… but I’ll look and see …

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Ah that’s a bummer.

Hope you find something.

I’d try the Nuheara IQbuds MAX with the IQstream TV adapter… they are bluetooth wireless earbuds that feature Qualcomm’s aptX LL codec so there’s no delay between audio and video. The IQstream adapter plugs into the TV via analog or digital cable and streams audio to the earbuds. The volume of the TV sound coming through the earbuds is independently controlled via a smartphone app so anyone else watching the TV is not affected.

I use this product combination and quite like it. Though it’s several hundred dollars between the earbuds and the TV streamer, so it’s not exactly “cheap”.

Not cheap but there are deals this week. $150 off I think.

If they were only available. Hold up is the world wide chip shortage