Streaming at a movie theater

I’m looking for INFO. on streaming at the movies. The movie theater I go to is capable of streaming …I’m told that I need a fm streaming collar to do so…they do offer a device to wear but I’m looking to purchase my own…does ayone have any info as to what I need, names of products, or websites that may sell them…I wear Resound Linx 2 with a T-coil…thx for the info.

Why not just take a sanitary wipe packet along and see what it is like before going further?

I could try that…but it still would not give me any info on sites and review of products…that’s why I asked for info

So this is FM streaming, and not telecoil streaming(?) Buy one on eBay! As far as I know, they are all compatible with any aid manufacturer’s telecoil. There are often Phonak ones on eBay, link the MyLink or similar, for not too much.