Streamers from oticon

What are people experiences with streamers from oticon regarding phone use?:slight_smile:

Funny you should ask . . . I just picked up my new Dual Connect and Streamer on Friday. I was previously testing the Siemens Pure and Tek; which was very disappointing.

I really like the Dual Connect; the sound is very nice, real, and there is no feedback or shrills as I found with the Pures. The Streamer is also nice. A lot easier to use than the Tek; it easily syncs with my cell phone and I was able to pair it with my computer and listen to music, sounds, watch movies and such from there are well.

My only current issues are first the sound. I wish the sound was louder. My hearing loss is not that servere and I feel the volume for voices on the cell phone and music is quite low. In a nosiy environment it is difficult to hear. Maybe my expectations are too high. I thought I would be able to hear sound equal to my cell phone bluetooth device or a headset from my ipod, but the sound volume is nowhere near that level or as full.

the other issue is that turning on the cell phone to work with the streamer and then changing for use with the computer and changing for use with an MP3 player, etc . . . is a process and not seamless. Takes some configuring or switching or clicking each time.

The main issue is the volume.

These are my thoughts and anyone who can help or have suggestions with the volume sound issue I would really really appreciate.


Using the settings on the Genie, you can set how loud the phone is in relation to the microphone of the HI. As your audi to do this…

Use the Volume, over time the instrument will learn

Hi xbulder . . . . what’s the Genie? I have one in my garage but my HA?

While we’re at it; What do you mean by the phone setting vs the microphone setting? How can I control the phone setting?

See you got me all confused,

Default Mode for when you are on a call using the Streamer is…
Call comes thru to the Aids, and the HA mics are left on but at a reduced volume level. If, while on a call, you press & hold the music button, the HA mics will go into mute and you will be able to hear the call much better. (since there will be no environmental sounds delivered via the HA mics)
You can also increase the volume during the call (using the Streamer volume control)

The default for music mode is the opposite. When Streaming music, the default is HA Mics are muted. A long press on the music button again will switch the mics back on (again at a reduced level of amplification)

Your AuD, using the Oticon “Genie” programming sofware, can set the level of volume or the level of “split” volume for when you are listening to a call (HA mics on reduced mode) or listening to music (with HA mics on). Also. if you use your Streamer volume control consistantly, eventually, the HAs will reset to your preferred volume.

I have the Epoqs w/ Streamer. I have tested the phone mode in a very noisy environment (Middle of a casino with slots ringing & beeping all around & heard the caller very well, but he could not hear me too well) If you mute your HA mics when on a call, there are not many places where you could not hear the caller.

My wish, is that the program could be set to have the mics muted for the phone by default. (Same as they are for music)

Also keep in mind, with some phones, the phone volume control may have little or no effect on what you hear via Streamer.

Your AuD can adjust the phone program volume levels to your preferences(balance between what you get from the Streamer v. what comes in from the HA mics). Next time you are there, get them adjusted & test it (before leaving) by making a call (& recieveing one) the adjust & test again.

I’m just about to pick up my new oticon epoq aids (with streamer) tomorrow. Can anybody recommend a bluetooth transmitter that is compatible with the streamer? I’d like to have one transmitter that I can use with my laptop, television and IPOD

for tv there is something comming soon

I use the Jabra A120, which plugs into the 3.5mm (headphone) jack for listening to music. But as Xbuilder says, streaming from TV isn’t the optimal use of bluetooth. You will notice lags between what is being said on the TV, and what the bluetooth transmits. Your new HA should be good enough that you hopefully won’t need to use the bluetooth function with video.