Streamer versus You Tube

For months I’ve had problems trying to watch videos on YouTube. My video started and stopped immediately but not always. Sometimes they played without issue. Not long ago, I was troubleshooting the video issue and decided to turn my Streamer off and put it in the charger. The videos began to play perfectly. I turned the Streamer on and the video stopped. Turn the Streamer off and the videos play. Go figure.


To “figure” the problem and possible answers we’d need more clues. What are you watching YouTube on? TV? PC? Tablet? Cellfone? How is that device connecting to the internet? WiFi from a central router? Cellphone air-time? BlueTooth from another device (like a cellphone)?

What brand/model is this “streamer”?

My rough guess is that you have set up so both YouTube and Audio are using BlueTooth, and the poor BT can’t do two things at once. But there are many other possible combinations. Even wireless baby monitors and security cameras.

It’s on my cell phone but it’s not something I was looking to fix, just an oddity and I just turn the Streamer off. But in case someone else has this issue, only the Streamer is on Bluetooth. I seldom use my laptop but I don’t recall ever having the problem, just on the cell phone. I first had the problem on a phone that I rooted
And installed a custom ROM on with the mini gapps package. It was tweaked and tuned so I thought that maybe there was a glitch in the phone then I bricked the thing and couldn’t save it so I bought this phone and it did the same thing. Not a big thing anymore. I just turn the Streamer off . But thanks anyway.