Strange OPN Issue


I noticed that the right aid was not working, audio way down, could barely hear the annunciation chime. I kept the aid in the ear most of the day and then decided to investigate.

I checked the battery voltage with an amp meter and the voltage was good. I switched the aids to see if I could hear the left aid in the right ear to see if the ear canal was blocked, no problem I could hear the chime!

Now It Gets Stranger (right aid now working, left aid quit)

After placing the aids back in my ears I found the right aid working and now the left aid quit! I would open and close battery door and the aid would remain on for a few minutes then shutdown. I repeated this process a number of times with the same result!

An hour or so later I went through the same process and the aid activated as design and there have been no more problems!

The Mystery
The only thing I can think of is I slapped a Bluetooth ear transceiver in the ear without removing the aid to make a phone call. Normally I remove the aid, however, this time I didn’t. I wonder if the transceiver caused the aid to malfunction. If so, there must be some fantastic electronics in the design to get everything working after a transient event.

Any idea?


Only thing I can think of is that the receiver(s) may start going bad.

One time my left receiver momentarily cut out for a few seconds, then resumed normal operation. But it didn’t go away, a few days later, it happened again, but randomly. I didn’t know how to duplicate this to show my audi this problem. Very luckily, on the next visit, the left receiver decided to cut out on me right in the middle of my appointment. So the audi was able to see the problem, and gave me a replacement right on the spot.

I don’t know if this is your case or not. What’s more weird about your case is that this happened to both your hearing aids, not just one side like in my case. But who knows, maybe both your receivers are starting to go bad randomly with the same symptom.

If it happens again, but still randomly, I think the next logical step would be to replace both receivers to see if it goes away. I find it much more likely that the problem is in the receivers than the hearing aids. Last time i had an issue with my hearing aid (one of them) and not the receiver, I got several warning tones from the hearing aids and when I looked up the manual about what these warning tones mean, it said to bring the hearing aid in for service.

I’ve had receivers fail me in different ways. One way is the random cut-out as explained above. Another way is that it would still work, but generates saturation/distorted sounds on louder volume.

You didn’t say in your post, but have you also tried to check the wax filter to make sure it’s still clean? A partially clogged wax filter can randomly cut out as well, depending on how moist your canal (or the environment) gets on and off. That had happened to me before as well -> randomly reduced volume then it gets better again. Upon close inspection, it was an almost clogged receiver opening.